Artificial synapse brings us one step closer to brain-like computers

It’s also bio-compatible — are our brains getting an update?

AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

So it begins.

Dystopia today: Official German watchdog tells parents a doll might be spying on their children

Technology is evolving faster than we can adapt to it.

China set to take the lead in supercomputers with ridiculously powerful ‘exascale’ machine slated for 2018

Welcome to the exascale.

The science of uptime: How big websites manage huge traffic loads 24×7

Behind the hood, there’s a lot going on to keep your favorite websites alive.

Google’s Deepmind artificial intelligence learns to be greedy and aggressive when resources are scarce

This is what you get when you teach AI to behave like a human.

NASA creates computers that can survive on Venus, 30 years after the last landings

They’ll have to face boiling acids and extreme pressures.

“Zoom in. Now… enhance.” Well, Google just turned this old TV trick into reality

T-t-that’s pretty good actually.

Hand-held breath monitor can detect if you’re infected with the flu

It’s similar to the breath alcohol tester used by the police but for the flu.

Superdense-coded logo of an oak leaf sets new record for transfer rate over optic cable