Running out of storage on your iPhone? Download a big app, Lifehacker says

Gotta clean’em all!

New method developed to encode huge quantity of data in diamonds

Data is a girl’s best friend.

Watch Tesla’s new completely self-driving cars in action

This is so cool!

Finnish appliance grows crops from cells in under a week

This is a berry exciting device.

Another Chinese EV manufacturer wants a piece of the cake — can the Atvus sedan take on Tesla?

Get ready for yet another billion-dollar Chinese electric car company.

Full-color 3-D holograms made with atomic-sized nanomaterials

Tiny metal films helped researchers made holograms with the whole color range.

Google asks Pixar, The Onion writers to make its helper more human-like

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Elon Musk schools CEO of biggest coal producing company in the U.S. after calling Tesla a ‘fraud’

Father future vs Grandpa pee-in-his-pants past.

The safest locks might be those encrypted by passwords transmitted through the body

Your body is the key now.

Exoskeleton glove lets you touch, grasp and feel objects in virtual reality

This amazing glove lets you manipulate and feel objects in VR.