Faraday Future’s secret all-electric SUV spotted in Los Angeles

This seems like FF’s response to Tesla’s Model X.

How WiFi routers can be used to read lips, see through walls, identify people from a group or sniff keys

Router, we need to have a serious talk.

The first self-driving taxis are here — and by “here” I mean Singapore

A small start-up brought self-driving taxies to the streets.

New Chinese mass-market Electric Vehicles (EV) startup got $1 billion in funding

Yet another Chinese EV startup joins the landscape — but the valuation is ludicrous.

French computer scientist turn Wikipedia into an universe of knowledge. Literally

Full power to forward thrusters!

OpenAI will use Reddit and a new supercomputer to teach artificial intelligence how to speak

There’s no “forum” in “AI” but Musk thinks there should be.

Relying too much on the Internet for fact finding could hurt your brain

Just like anything else, it needs constant exercise to stay in shape.

Tiny nanotech device purifies water in less than half an hour using the sun

Researchers went full blown MacGyver with this nanotech water purifier.

Tinder might make you feel less satisfied with your appearance and lower self-esteem

Some let Tinder get the best of them…

The highest paid CEOs are in charge of companies that have the poorest returns

Usually, the higher the CEO’s pay, the worse the company’s performance. Imagine that…