MIT machine makes videos out of still images to predict what happens next

Some creepy deformities at large, but we get the idea: machines are getting smarter.

A new VR service launches today and promises the full girlfriend experience

Knowing the Internet, I’m surprised it took this long.

Australia’s new $5 bill is one of the hardest to counterfeit in the world

A stunning new five dollar bill was released by the Australian government.

NASA plans to send an autonomous submarine into space — for a very good reason

The sub will be used to explore Titan’s oceans.

Faraday Future’s secret all-electric SUV spotted in Los Angeles

This seems like FF’s response to Tesla’s Model X.

How WiFi routers can be used to read lips, see through walls, identify people from a group or sniff keys

Router, we need to have a serious talk.

The first self-driving taxis are here — and by “here” I mean Singapore

A small start-up brought self-driving taxies to the streets.

New Chinese mass-market Electric Vehicles (EV) startup got $1 billion in funding

Yet another Chinese EV startup joins the landscape — but the valuation is ludicrous.

French computer scientist turn Wikipedia into an universe of knowledge. Literally

Full power to forward thrusters!

OpenAI will use Reddit and a new supercomputer to teach artificial intelligence how to speak

There’s no “forum” in “AI” but Musk thinks there should be.