Observing Alien Armageddon could be our first sign of advanced civilizations in space.


It may be possible to observe the presence of an advanced alien civilization by the effects produced if that civilization were to self-destruct through nuclear war, biological warfare, nanotechnological annihilation, or stellar pollution. Each case would generate unique detectable signs that could be identified by earth-based telescopes.

Pheonix exoskeleton wants to make wheelchairs obsolete


“Unless you’ve been in a wheelchair, it’s very difficult to see all the various small details – what a person would actually need within an exoframe,” said one Phoenix exoskeleton user. Developed by California robotics startup SuitX, this exoskeleton is the lightest on the market today. It’s aim is to eventually become so cheap, durable and practical that it will make the wheelchair obsolete and the lives of millions of paraplegics a lot less daunting.

This is what the Hyperloop might look like: MIT wins design competition


This Saturday, 1,000 high school and college kids gathered at Texas A&M University to see which team was awarded the winning prize for a Hyperloop prototype.

IBM has a creepy patent that’s a search engine for your memory


How cool would it be to solve most of your personal problems like you’d use google. “Where’s my keys?” or “What meds did the vet say I should give my cat?”. Well, be careful what you wish for, because there’s a reason a personal search engine doesn’t exist yet: it can only work if you’re under surveillance 24/7. Or .. at least when you’re awake.

This is what 3-D printing in full color looks like

3D printed face

Pictured above is the 3D-printed face of the Holobuild Scanning System inventor — a device that allows you to accurately scan any object. The system captures pixel-by-pixel accurate color details and geometry of scanned subjects with an accuracy of within 0.005 millimeters.

Facebook is squeezing human emotions into five emoticons

facebook reactions

A lot of people have complained that a “like” isn’t enough to express themselves on Facebook. The Menlo Park social giant has been working for some time now on a new feature that will address just this. Soon, users will be able to chose from five more internationally-recognized emotions to sit alongside the infamous “like”. But won’t this do more harm than good, as it will generate clutter? Is messing with what looks like a perfect recipe wise?

The most popular hacked passwords of 2015. My god…


The most popular? The old classic “123456”. Next, “password”. *facepalm.

A pocket-sized gadget uses spectroscopy and tells you what’s inside food

Image: SCiO

One of the most exciting gadgets we’ve seen at CES this year comes from a French startup called DietSensor, which collaborated with an Israeli company called Consumer Physics. Their latest product called SCiO is a pocket-sized device that uses near-infrared spectroscopy to tell you how many carbs or calories are found inside your food.

Faraday Future shows off an electric roadrunner concept car – we’re not impressed

Faraday Future

The fledgling California company with billions in undisclosed funding held a press conference the other day at CES where it showed to journalists and tech enthusiasts the FFZERO1 — a high-performance concept car.

XSTAT 30 syringe can plug a gunshot wound in 20 seconds flat

Image via engineerpal

Gunshot wounds are really dangerous, messy things, and much more numerous than you’d think. In an attempt to reduce mortality and improve treatment options the FDA has approved a military medical device, created specifically to treat someone who has just suffered a gunshot or other penetrating wound, for non-military use.