Glowing DNA origami used to recreate Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’

The end result is a perfect example of what can happen when art meets science.

Access to Internet is a basic human right, the UN decides

It’s a great day for the Internet but we’re still just shy of a decisive ruling.

After two thousand years, somebody finally revamped scissors

One amateur inventor turned upside down the design of scissors which had been unchanged for two thousand years.

Robot lawyers helps challenge 160,000 parking tickets

Getting back from lunch to find a parking ticket can ruin your day, especially if you think you did nothing wrong.

New NASA transfer protocol makes space Wi-Fi better than yours

NASA always gets the best of everything.

Nikola, the ‘Tesla of Trucking’, just secured $2.3 billion in pre-orders

Nikola, a shameless spinoff, is trying to do for trucks what Tesla Motors did for cars. Do they have what it takes, though?

Elon Musk visits Pentagon to talk about a ‘flying metal suit’

This Wednesday, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk met behind closed doors with United States Secretary of Defense Ash Carter down at the Pentagon.