Meet the future of construction: MIT prototype 3-D prints entire building

This could revolutionize how we build things both on Earth and other planets.

Novel technique can 3-D print intricate glass objects like a pretzel

You can apply the technique on any existing 3-D printer.

Novel polymer might enable self-healing smartphones and other electronics

Cracked screens and scratches might finally become history.

Teaching smart cars how humans move could help make them safer and better

The hips don’t lie.

Yesterday, US officials said you had no right to online privacy — we don’t agree so here’s Internet Noise to help you out

The pen is mightier than the sword — the keyboard will be mightier than the mallet.

Single-atom magnets used to create data storage one million times more dense than regular hard disks

Scaled up, it will likely lose some efficiency — but will still leave HDDs in the dust.

World-first Braille Smartwatch brings all the connectivity of a smartphone to your fingertips


Operating system and a movie, among others, stored in DNA with no errors. The method can pack 215 petabytes of data in a single gram of DNA

A huge breakthrough might help solve our growing ‘big data’ storage problem.

Artificial synapse brings us one step closer to brain-like computers

It’s also bio-compatible — are our brains getting an update?

AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

So it begins.