Here’s how to stay safe from the latest phishing scam plaguing Gmail

Stay safe.

Airbus plans to test an autonomous flying car this year

The Jetsons, here we come!

‘Find my Phone’ documentary spies on thief through stolen phone for weeks

A must watch.

Facebook will now tell you if a story might be fake

Better late than never.

How to make an ethically aligned artificial intelligence — IEEE publishes first guidelines

Top experts in A.I. are discussing how to embed human values to machines.

Optics-based tech lends a human touch to soft robot arm

Now, that’s a handshake!

Novel refrigerator turns waste heat into sound waves to cool down stuff

Next level cooling right here.

Scientists fed a game into players’ brains to pave the way for artificial senses

Just plug the console right into my head then, pleasethankyou!

Running out of storage on your iPhone? Download a big app, Lifehacker says

Gotta clean’em all!