5 things Leonardo da Vinci did to change the world


Many are known about Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, yet many things still await to be discovered. Widely considered an archetipe of the “Renaissance man”, he was a man whose curiosity was equaled only by his powers of invention and talent. Among others, he was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer. Many claim he was the smartest man to ever live, many claim he was the most talented to ever live… one thing’s for sure: he was a one of a kind man.

  • Scissors
  • Something as simple yet as important as the scissors had a huge importance in the development of mankind. Who knows how many centuries would have passed without this tool had it not been for the man? Just think about all the tailors… not much of a job left for them, huh?

  • Parachute
  • parachute

    Photo by The library

    The first parachute had been imagined and sketched by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century. It’s hard to believe something as “modern” as a parachute could be invented over 500 years ago. Leonardo’s parachute design consists of sealed linen cloth held open by a pyramid of wooden poles, about seven metres long. Still, because his ideas were way ahead of his time, the technology was not able to sustain his ideas, thus nobody invented a practical parachute until 1783.

  • Mona Lisa
  • gioconda

    Without a doubt the most famous painting of the world, Mona Lisa (or Gioconda) has fascinated people for centuries – and for a good reason. It is said that just the lips took 10 years to make. Also, it has fueled an impressive amount of theories, due to it’s mysterious smile and implicit (for some) sexual hint, but also because of the fact that it also has some man traits, despite having pregnant features. Still, the enigmatic smile is the crowning of a genius.

  • Anatomy studies
  • vitruvian

    Leonardo’s formal training in the anatomy of the human body began with his apprenticeship to Andrea del Verrocchio, his teacher insisting that all his pupils learn anatomy. As an artist, he grew fond of topographic anatomy, drawing many studies of muscles, tendons and other visible anatomical features. Also, his drawing of the Vitruvian man is iconic: a nude male figure in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart and simultaneously inscribed in a circle and square was almost a science fiction topic in 1487. The measurements are those of an average man, surprisingly correct (again, on average).

  • Engineering
  • flying machine

    Photo by wikipedia

    During his lifetime and even after that, Leonardo was valued as an engineer. Still, with his imagination it was hard to remain practical all the time, so some of his inventions were not devisable (at least not at that time). In 2001, a vision of his was ressurected by some engineers who built a small bridge based on his ideas. For much of his life, Leonardo was fascinated by the phenomenon of flight, producing many studies of the flight of birds, including his c. 1505 Codex on the Flight of Birds. Still, what chances would you have of somebody actually building the helicopters and tanks you designed?

    Many of his ideas were unpractical, many were just brilliantly aplied, many had to wait hundreds of years before they could be aplied. Also his connection with the masonry is widely known and speculations have always been made. Stay tuned for a list of Leonardo’s more poetic ideas, and speculations that suround his unbelievable life.

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      Leonardo da Vinci is the best!! For anyone who is interested in him and his life, check out the book, ‘The Medici Seal’, by Theresa Breslin. It has a lot about his life and the Borgia and Medici families. (Check out Lorenzo d’Medici!) Anyway, go Leo!!

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      If Da vinci wasn’t born it would have been boring in the world i mean think about it we should be very thankful, he studied the human body to see why people died of smoking or not enough blood when you get to olden ages. Da vinci invented almost everything ex: he invented the parachute, there would be no sport that included parachutes and air gliders not without him. I always am thankful to what happens in everyday life because i’m a christan so i need to be thankful to the food he gave us and all the other things, Whrn i grow up i want to be a fashion desighner or house interior but mostly i want to help orphans and poor people.

      Thank you very much if you were reading my note.. and Bye!!

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      I’m reading the book “The Da Vinci Code”. There were some points about Da Vinci’s work there, so I became so interested in him and his world! By reading this text, I learned more and more about Da Vinci. As it was written in the text: he was rightfully a one of a kind person…

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      Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t invent scissors. Spring scissor are thought to have been invented around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. Cross-bladed scissors were invented by the Romans around AD 100.

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      It is most likely that scissors were invented around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt.[1] The earliest known scissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. These were of the ‘spring scissor’ type comprising two bronze blades connected at the handles by a thin, flexible strip of curved bronze which served to hold the blades in alignment, to allow them to be squeezed together, and to pull them apart when released.
      Spring scissors continued to be used in Europe until the 16th century. However, pivoted scissors of bronze or iron, in which the blades were pivoted at a point between the tips and the handles, the direct ancestor of modern scissors, were invented by the Romans around 100. They entered common use not only in ancient Rome, but also in China, Japan, and Korea, and the idea is still used in almost all modern scissors. -Wikipedia.

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