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What does money mean to you? For women love, for men freedom


Generally speaking, men and women seem value money differently. After surveying 100,000 British men and women about their feelings surrounding money, researchers found women were twice as likely to associate cash with love and feelings of care in general, while men were again twice as likely to equal money with freedom and power.

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NASA research put together into a video showing how the ocean’s garbage patches formed over the last 35 years

Image via supplyshield

Aaah, the ocean. The true final frontier. Full of wonderful and exciting things, such as strange fish, stranger crustaceans, beautiful hydrothermal vents, and lovely, ever-growing garbage patches.

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Take a peek into the lives of a California condor family

Nesting California condors can now be viewed online as wildlife conservationists in California have set up live-streaming web cameras on the birds' nests.
Image via techtimes

Big Sur, California will see the newest installment of the Big Brother franchise, but with a twist. A team of wildlife conservationists have installed live-streaming web cameras on condor nests in the area, allowing scientists and enthusiastic bird watchers the world over to take a peek into the lives of Gymnogyps californianus.

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Real Life Sim-City: Empty “Simulator” City to be Built From Scratch in New Mexico

A model of the city. Image via CITE City.

A city like no other will be built deep in the New Mexico desert. The brand new city will feature urban, suburban, exurban and rural zones dotted with houses, malls, power plants, police and fire stations, with only one big difference from a real city: it won’t have any inhabitants. The Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE) will be the first of its kind, fully integrated test, evaluation and certification facility dedicated to enabling and facilitating the commercialization of new and emerging technologies. Basically, it will be a real life Sim City.

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Overthinking and neuroticism could be cornerstones of creativity, opinion paper suggests

Image via themonitordaily

A new opinion paper published in the September 2015 edition of the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences, suggests that the part of the brain associated with self-generated thoughts — the sort involved in both rumination and introspection — tends to be overactive in neurotic people, leading to unhappiness as well as creative problem-solving.

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Binary black hole discovery may hint at genesis of quasars

OU astrophysicist and his Chinese collaborator used observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to find two supermassive black holes in Markarian 231. Credit: Space Telescope Science Institute,
Baltimore, Maryland

An international astronomy team has detected two supermassive black holes that appear to be orbiting each other in a nearby galaxy. The discovery of a likely binary black hole system suggests that supermassive black holes assemble their masses through violent unions.

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Scientists reprogram cancer cells back to normal

Photo: Wellcome Collection

For the first time, aggressive breast, lung and bladder cancer have been neutralized and turned back to normal cells, prevented from excessive multiplication. Scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, US, likened it to applying brakes to a speeding car.

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Robot Bartender Serves Hundreds of Drinks at Berlin Party


Robotics has developed tremendously in recent years, and will almost surely continue to do so in the future. We have surgical robots, hotels run by robots, robots that learn, even samurai robots! After all, it makes sense we finally got some bartender robots, right? After MIT showed off its “Beerbots” that bring you beer while you’re on the couch, we have HoLLiE, a robot bartender that did a fantastic job at a party in Berlin, making and serving over 280 cocktails!

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This Monday, 1 billion people logged on to Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg. Image via Digital Trends.

Facebook has reached an impressive milestone: this Monday, on the 24th of August, 1 billion people signed into the social network – one billion! That’s basically 1 out of every 7 people using Facebook on a given day.

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Oil industry at its lowest in six years: over $500 billion in collective debt


In just a couple of weeks the price of oil, and commodity in general, have plunged. This Friday, oil was trading on the international market for $47 a barrel, while the American benchmark is currently sitting at $41.5. The low pricing – the lowest in six years – is driving a lot of companies bankrupt, while large companies like Exxon and Shell have been forced to cut down on their losses firing employees and shutting down exploration and exploitation projects.