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Nature walks linked to significantly lower depression and stress

depression walk nature

Science confirms what many already believed: taking walks in nature lowers your stress and depression rates. You’ve probably heard it several times in your life: take a deep breath, go take a walk and calm down. But according to a new study, that’s not just small talk; walks, especially nature walks can do wonders for your mental health. Even people…

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Scientists seen as competent, but not trusted by Americans

Credit: Susan Fiske, Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

Americans trust the competency of scientists, but they don’t trust scientists themselves. In particular, the general population is weary of scientists manipulating results to obtain bigger grants or pushing forth hidden agendas. “Scientists have earned the respect of Americans but not necessarily their trust,” said lead author Susan Fiske, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology and professor of public affairs….

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This 3D printed system can turn your iPhone in a 1,000x microscope


Physicists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory used 3D printed materials and a simple glass bead to create a magnifying system that works with your smartphone’s or tablet’s built-in camera to magnify matter 100x, 350x or 1,000x. The whole system costs only 1$ to manufacture….

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India’s probe nears Mars orbit – will it make history?

Artist conception of the Mars Orbiter Mission in orbit around Mars. Image: Wikipedia Commons

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM, for short, is gearing up to enter Mars’ orbit this Wednesday, after the dormant main engine on the spacecraft was test-fired flawlessly on Monday. If the maneuver proves successful, then India will join an exclusive list of countries who have deployed Mars explorers, like the US, Russia, Japan and Europe. …

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What goes on in an altruist’s head: good deeds may be rooted in the brain

Scientists analyzed the brains of kidney donors to see what makes them more altruistic than other people. Photo:

Costly altruism, the kind that you see expressed by people who willingly agree or seek to donate their kidneys, is a puzzling phenomenon for many scientists. Most of these people would tell you that they do it out of love, sympathy or a higher purpose. Neuroscientists, however, are more interested in finding whether there are any neural mechanisms associated with…

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Eric Schmidt: ALEC is lying about climate change and funding them was a mistake

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt speaks at the Chinese University in Hong Kong on November 4, 2013. PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Environmental groups were outraged when Google announced in 2013 that it would fund the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a well known anti-global warming organization who’s on a mission to kill renewable energy projects and introduce climate change denial literature in schools. Now, Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google, says that funding ALEC was a big mistake,…

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How the Milky Way will be gobbled up by the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy

galaxy cannibals

Ever in expansion, the universe is always acting on matter in an endless tug of transformations. Colliding matter is a natural part of the universe, but when our own Milky Way is at stake, things get personal. Scientists have known for a long time that our very own galaxy, the Milky Way, is destined to collide with the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy….

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Underwater glue inspired by shellfish might help repair ships

strongest underwater glue

Taking inspiration from nature, scientists at MIT have engineered a new sort of glue that acts like a powerful adhesive even in underwater conditions and can cling on to virtually any surface, be it metal or organic. The glue might prove to be useful to repair ships or seal wounds and surgical incisions. The strongest underwater glue to date Shellfish…