The surprising reason why birds never crash mid-air: they always veer right

Seems to work wonderfully for them.

China will build the world’s biggest solar farm: 6 million panels amounting to 2GW, stretched over 7,000 city blocks

China does it again.

Three-parent baby’s birth sparks debate among scientists, public, and officials alike

So far, the baby girl is happy and healthy.

Reconstructive surgery gets a much needed upgrade with 3-D printed ‘hyper-elastic bones’

Amazing times ahead for medicine.

Violence might be deeply embedded in our genes, study finds

This is no excuse to get violent, though.

Did the vaccine for the common cold just had to include all rhinoviruses? Why didn’t you say so!

Really, is it that easy? Let’s hope so.

‘We won’t ever see a month below 400ppm,’ said NASA’s chief climate scientist

We’ll have some explaining to do when our kids grow up.

Bad news for cancer cells — your immune system immunity has been revoked

Scientists discovered how cancerous cells hide from immune system — and how to make them targets again.

Did Neanderthals and humans share the same hearing?

The study might help answer whether neanderthals were capable of the same communication abilities as humans.

Flamboyant dinosaur headgear linked with outrageously big carnivorous dinosaurs

T-Rex was the king of dinosaurs, and he had the bling to prove it.