Some parasitic plants can steal genes then use them against their hosts

That’s not very nice.

The surprising reason why Begonia leaves are iridescent blue: energy harvesting

A light scavenger can teach us a lot about energy efficiency.

New device enables you to grow your own food from plant cells

If you want to grow some food from scratch… you need Finnish researchers.

Synthetic alcohol comes will all the benefits of regular alcohol, only without hangover

You can get drunk without having to deal with dry mouth, nausea, and headaches, says a British researcher.

Here’s why there was no Twitter on Friday — it’s way scarier than you think

Hordes of zombie gadgets had something to do with it.

Big liars start out small: scientists find repeatedly telling lies trains the brain to ignore feeling bad about it

Telling many small lies make you stop caring about the big ones.

Orbiting probe take snapshot of Mars Landers’ grave — RIP, Schiaparelli

Footage from the crime scene.

Archaeologists and brewers recreate 2,500 year old funeral drink from residues found in a tomb

A drink to die for.

Scientists think they have a good drug target to prevent Alzheimer’s

It would be like taking drugs that lower cholesterol, researchers say.

Study finds viewing selfies on social media can make you miserable or jolly — depending on how you see yourself

Seriously, why are selfies a thing?