This illusion can hack your brain into feeling the space around you

All you need is a brush and a rubber hand.

Plants seem to be better at gambling than most humans — despite lacking a brain

Who you calling a peabrain?

Florida’s coastlines are choke-full with guacamole-like algae blooms

Just as green, but with 1000% more “ew.”

Meteorite found in Antarctica reinforces the idea that all of Earth’s water came from outer space

One of the first science classes children take teaches them about the water cycle on the planet. But how did water get here in the first place?

First fatal crash involving Tesla’s Autopilot raises some serious ethical questions

The man in question was killed after his car rammed into the side of a tractor trailer which drove across the highway perpendicular to the Model S.

If you want to learn how well a pig is doing, listen to its grunts

One of the most familiar livestock animals seems to signal information about their personalities, but also wellbeing, by grunting.

Humanity is driving thousands of species extinct, but there’s a flip side — we also create new species

Humans — tyrants of creators? Two researchers explored this duality by studying both extinct species and those who had evolved as a direct influence of man.