New Chinese mass-market EV startup got $1 billion in funding

Yet another Chinese EV startup joins the landscape — but the valuation is ludicrous.

New study shows global warming was a long time coming

Scientists showed that consistent global warming started in the 1830s.

Scientists develop new, adorable class of soft robots

This cute, self-powered octopus-like robot could be a game changer.

Watching too much television linked with a distorted view of the justice system

When too much TV can be a crime.

Berkley’s penny-per-ounce soda tax paid off, a new study reports

This could have significant fiscal and health benefits.

Brain scans of Zika infected babies suggest the outbreak is worse than we thought

The full extent of Zika is far from being known.

Spanish publisher wins rights to a manuscript no one can — but everyone is dying to — read

So it’s like the opposite of a college textbook, then?