Scientists found lollipop-shaped ice crystals in some clouds

Ice lollipops in clouds sounds just delightful.

Urban birds use cigarette butts as chemical weapons against parasites

House finches use cigarette butts to ward off ticks. They do so on purpose.

Sex doesn’t really sell, new study finds

Sure, it gets your attention but few are actually reaching their wallets.

Society will buckle under 2 billion climate-refugees by 2100 as rising oceans displace whole cities

The short of it keeps popping up in all kinds of studies: stop emissions!

World’s largest wind turbine will be taller than the Empire State Building

In wind energy, bigger is almost always better.

Innovative approach blends solar energy and honey production for maximum sustainability

The sweet business idea of a Minessotta married couple.

Who do you spend most of your time with? The answer might surprise you

Birds of one feather flock together.

Global sea levels rose 50% faster than two decades ago because of Greenland’s melting ice sheet

The cost of non-action could be dramatic by the end of the century.

Coral reefs barely survived bleaching, will be gone within the century unless we act

And the world will be less without them.

Electrocaloric refrigerators could be a more energy-efficient, light-weight alternative to today’s fridges

Experimental technology for the future.