Cano Cristales – the world’s most colourful river

Caño Cristales is a river located in Northern Columbia, with a length of almost 100 km and a width of under 20 meters. If you look at it, you’d be tempted to think this is some sort of illusion or photographic trick, but you’d be wrong.


It’s quite remote, and you can get there only by foot, horses and donkeys, but that didn’t stop tourists from flooding in. There were so many of them that visiting it was actually forbidden for several years.


The hard rocks which make most of the bottom of the river are covered with moss, which most of the year have a dull green or brown colour. In the rainy season the water is too deep for the colours to bloom, and in the dry season there’s just not enough water to support all the moss.


However, there is a window during these seasons when the water level is just right, and the dazzling display of colours appears to delight the eye.










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  • Muhammad qamaruzzaman

    I want to visit the site. How can I do so and what is the suitable time to see all this magnificient phenomena.

  • muhammad khalid pervaiz

    what a heaven on earth

  • kholoud

    would you plz anyone would tell me what’s the perfect time that get the river this colors ???

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  • Alberto Elizondo

    Colombia, not Columbia, for God’s sake… when in life people will start calling this beautiful country by its name? It’s not difficult to pronounce or write…

  • Luis

    Caño Cristales it´s located in Central East of Colombia, in the Meta province, near the Orinoco system, not in Northern Colombia. We have 2 rainy seasons, the first one it´s from later March, until first week of June, and the second, is from mid August to first of November.

    So, the best part of the year to see this glorious river is between June and July, and between December and February.

    The place right now is peace full, since the guerrilla it´s not around there.

  • Leyda Hediger

    Departamento del Meta, Pais COLOMBIA, AMERICA DEL SUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Si senores, en nuestro pais esta esta maravilla y muuuuuuuchos mas lugares hermosos y gente linda para conocer!!!!!!!!!.