brookePhysiologically speaking, Brooke Greenberg is an infant with the mind of toddler. Only thing is that she turned 16 just this Janary. It’s hard to estimate the parents opinion, especially as I wasn’t able to find almost any constructive data.

“Why doesn’t she age?” Howard Greenberg, 52, asked of his daughter. “Is she the fountain of youth?”

The same question (among many others) has been asked by scientists, but no answer has been found until now. What they do know is that according to their knowledge, her case is unique, and the same opinion is shared by her doctor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine pediatrician Lawrence Pakula.

“Many of the best-known names in medicine, in their experience … had not seen anyone who matched up to Brooke,” Pakula said. “She is always a surprise.”

She is not aging, but it seems that her body is developing as independent parts out of sync. If you were to look at photos, she is unchanged, and there’s no indication that she would be in fact getting any older, and as far as everybody knows, if this continues on, she has no reason to die. She also has a sister, but she’s perfectly normal, so there aren’t any hints here to help solve this mystery.

Even geneticists are perplexed by her, and they haven’t been able to find out anything wrong (or terribly right) about her, so they just named her condition ‘syndrome X’. After all these years, the family seems to have given up hoping for answers and just takes things one day at a time, believing that she is a ‘miracle’, or an ‘angel’. It was a bit surprising to see such an amazing case (to say the least) covered so little. I have been able to find a few articles about this, but the media should be all over it, and some of the world’s top minds should be covering this, so why isn’t this happening? It’s not a hoax, because somebody did an article about this 4 years ago and the situation was unchanged, so perhaps a bit more interest should be taken in this, but without turning her into a lab rat.


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    PARIAH- This is an actual news clip. Google the girl’s name, they did an article about for for MSNBC 4 years ago.

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    to me, she looks different and larger on bottom photo than on top one??? she looks much larger on bottom one. can anyone explain this?she is growing without aging???

  5. 5

    @debbie: as I said, I found information pretty scarce, but from what I could find out, her body didn’t modify in any way (from a certain time), outside or inside, so it could be something with how the photos are taken, or it could be that she did grow in the first months of her life. I wasn’t able to find out just what that certain time is, and it’s possible that nobody knows precisely.

    Still, I find it hard to believe that NOTHING about her changed, I’d love to know what happens inside her mind, with the brain cells especially. If any of you guys do better at researching, please let me know

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    I’ve read old information on Brooke before, but your page reminded me about her. After I read this I searched on Google for some new results. I was surprised because there actually are a few newer results, but they all give the same information. It really makes you wonder how much testing they are actually doing on this girl. I would think that with more testing and everything maybe they could find something to help her over time, but who knows. (sorry I just felt like talking about what I read.)

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    Its not covered a lot because if it was known worldwide, Religious sheepish people would go crazy, that’s a bigger issue the media is trying to avoid.

  9. 9

    by that I mean if whore Mary convinced Joseph that her cheating ways was actually a “gift from god” and this running joke is still lasting for over 2,000 years, than who knows what new religion would be made for a kid who cant grow

  10. 10

    Interesting article, but sadly I’m just commenting to reply to zwarrior.

    In which case, the bible is a /story/. Written many many years after anything “happened” and when stories travel by word-of-mouth, they often shift and change (Telephone, anyone?)
    Thusly, I don’t believe Mary of Joseph really existed, more that they were fictional characters.
    And in the future, who’s to say that people won’t start a religion around superman? Obviously Superman is a pretty great guy. He saves people and does extraordinary things. (Sounds like some bible character I know…)

    ;D Maybe they will start a religion around this girl. You never really know.

  11. 11


    There is some evidence that Jesus was indeed a real person. Whether or not he perform miracles dsnt matter, but his life was documented therefore Mary and Joseph most like existed.

  12. 12

    Interestingly, she’s not the only one. Jerly Lyngdoh of India, who is in his late 20s, also inhabits a toddler’s body (although in his case he does have adult teeth).

  13. 13

    Trod, I think you’re right, she has only three fingers and a thumb, maybe something genetic has changed in this girl an some genes were “mixed”, as far as I know there are specific genes responsible for aging…

  14. 14

    All the so called ‘evidence” of jesus ever existing has been proven (and prosecuted) to be a complete hoax. Besides, if you think of how silly the christian, and therefore muslim and jewish, religions are, then the bible begins to look more like a myth along the lines of Egyptian, Greek, or Roman mythological gods. First. we have the anomoly in genesis concerning Adam and Eve, where their children, both boys (Cain and Abel) went out from their parents into the world and found wives. Wait a second. Weren’t Adam and Eve the first two people? And if Cain and Abel were the 3rd and 4th, then where the hell did these other people come from? Second, I have an issue with a religion that tells us that the supreme being decides to come down to earth, and he (or as they say, his emissary, the holy spirit) has sex with Mary, the wife of another man, and Mary has a son out of this extramarital affair, who claims to be the son of god. And then, some churches say, after the rapture, those caught up in it will become the wife of god. So, guys who are in this religion have no choice but to learn to like close personal relationships with another male. Maybe that’s why there is so much homosexuality in the churches.

    About this girl: has anyone thought that she is not an infant, but more like a toddler in these pics? So, obviously she aged enough to get to toddler level. I would like to know if she is able to talk, learn all the things a normal 16 year old girl would learn. Has she been educated? Does she communicate? I think the reason that the media isn’t covering this is because it is almost unbelievable. And if the parents are so protective, then the truth about her would, naturally, be impossible to discern. I, for one, am not convinced.

  15. 15


    Your ignorance of the Bible is astounding for someone who pretends to know so much. Go do a little more reading and then come back with the Genesis story. I would like to see this “proven and prosecuted” information. Where is it?

  16. 16

    @ Alan:

    I have never read or heard of such a lame interpretation of the Bible. It is obvious you have never actually read it for yourself or taken the time to try an understand the context it was written in. You, sir, should never speak of the Bible again. You have been declared too incompetent to deserve an opinion. Way to go, genius.

  17. 17

    You wallow in your ignorance and brain washed thinking. Ignorance is bliss. I suppose your ecstatic! That’s the problem with your religion. You don’t question things. You just absorb what is told to you from other ignorant people. None of you know, or have read, the bible enough to know what it says. I have, several times over. In both English (King James) Greek, and Hebrew. I’ve also read the Koran, the Talmud, the Nag Hammadi texts (In their original Aramaic and Mishnaic Hebrew,) and the Dead Sea Scrolls, among others. I am not the ignorant one. I have a degree in theology. What do you have? Evidently your god didn’t bless you with brains. But you’re willing to defend your stupidity, I see. Why don’t you try reading a little bit, and maybe even learning a little something about what you say you believe in, before you spout off at just anybody.

  18. 18

    As much as I would like to chime in on the religious discussion, it’s in no way germane to the topic of the page and should probably find its way to a more appropriate forum.

  19. 19
  20. 20


    Funny you claim to be so knowledgeable and tell others to do some reading but you can’t look 12 pages into the Bible and read that in Genesis 5:4, Adam and Eve clearly had more then two male children.

    I will not start to respond to your other “arguments” in which you have skewed the Bible completely out of context. Your points are disturbing and most have nothing in common with the true message of the Bible.

  21. 21

    Just after reading your article on Brooke, I was flipping through the TV stations and came across a documentary on her called “Child Frozen in Time” on TLC. Apparently she did grow a bit between ages 4 and 5, but she’s remained at 17 pounds and 30 inches long since then. Brooke has three other sisters ages 22, 19, and 13, all normal. Brooke’s DNA has been examined by geneticists who stated that they saw what they expected to see in a 16 year old girl’s DNA. Brooke attends a special needs school. Also, she cannot speak, walk, or swallow.

    Just wanted to contribute-

  22. 22

    @ Alan:

    Haha. How would you know what I have and haven’t read? I am amused by your insistence that I am ignorant. I guess it is easier to believe whatever you want when you can dismiss everyone else as too dumb to think for themselves. Btw, I do question what other people tell me is the truth.I seriously question your assertion that you have a degree in Theology and have seriously read the Bible for yourself. Educated people are willing to answer questions and consider other possibilities rather than mount a scathing attack on people who have a different perspective. Your insistence that your knowledge is absolute and your education is perfect will insure your continued ignorance.

  23. 23

    Christianity:The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own Father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically accept him as his master,so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…… yeah..I guess I gotta go with Alan on this one.

  24. 24

    This isn’t a religious forum, just to let everyone know.

    Also, Andrei keep posting information if you find out any more! It’s weird how all things age, even plants, but this little girl has been the same for 16 years? Great article!

  25. 25

    These last comments have been just Religulous. But seriously, this type of odd incident just shows how little we know about the universe and about ourselves.

  26. 26

    Very interesting story. Maybe her genes harbor some sort of information that would help to extend our lives or stop us from aging altogether.

    There are a lot people working hard on this now:


    Isn’t it funny how the comments on almost every site inevitably lead to a completely off topic war between commentators?

  27. 27
  28. 28

    The documentary about her is called, “Child Frozen in Time” and it airs Tues 8/25 @ 6pm and again Wed 8/26 @ 1am on TLC (Channel 280 on DirecTV)…Check it out! -Also everyone is going to have a different opinion on religion…although some ppl’s viewpoints are completely asinine and you really want to leave a reply, there is absolutely nothing that you can type that will change their minds…so lets leave religion out of it and agree to disagree :) If you want to argue religion go to church, or do like JW’s do and go to someones house and talk religion face to face, so that ppl who want to read about Brooke and not religion can…

  29. 29

    I just watched a documentary about her on TLC (in Canada…) maybe a month ago! A very interesting case indeed. Check out the documentary if you can find it anywhere, it’s called ‘The Child Frozen in Time’. Really a medical mystery. Great post!

  30. 30

    I know a case very similar to this one, here in Venezuela. She is 50 years old, and she looks like a 10 year old. The doctors say she has cerebral palsy, but I consider it very similar to this case

  31. 31

    The girl has a medical issue that causes a growth stunt. Christianity is so screwed….it isn’t even funny. I HAVE read your Bible. And what you scorn is what you believe. And your people say Murder is a Sin, yet that is mostly what is in your bible that your “God” did, and Chrisians burnt people on a stake (Salem Witch Trials) Killed people who didn’t se eye to eye (The Spanish Inquisition). And incest is looked down on yet Lot slept with his daughters…..and we “Supposedly” came from two people….and you cannot even agree on anything….because in the Hebrew text that your Bible was derived from EVE was in fact NOT the first woman….Lillith was. She argued with Adam about sexual positions…and therefore was put out of Eden by “God”….. another man (Sexism)….who had sex with a betrothed woman ( coveting * Also a Sin*). And Cannibalism and Vampiricy is scorned yet you worship a Christ who says *Eat of my Flesh and Drink of my Blood* Who was *Raised in 3 days*……a Zombie who *Raised Lazerus from the dead*. Not to mention you are not to suffer a sorcerer to live….yet you worship a Christ who conjures Miracles, walks on water, and a “God” who caused the Plagues of Egypt, not to mentin a man who talks to god (Spirit talking……AKA Soothesayer) a man who talked to a burning bush, a man who talked to a donkey, a man who interpreted Dreams, and you have a Blood Curse in the bible. Oh I could go on and on. And yet we who are for example Pagan…..are wrong………..newsflash most of your bible is Pagan based.
    Oh and the best one “Thou shall have no other Gods before me* Yet you worship a Christ whom goes to his father for you. And whom seemingly claims to be himself is……sounds like your “Christ suffers from Dementia or is a liar. Jealousy is one of your *7 deadly Sins….yet you have and worship a jealous “God”. And if you argue this or deny any of it…….you argue against and/or deny your own religion. And if you have an issue with what I have said please contact me at and I will gladly give you the verses that speak of these things.

  32. 32

    Agh, so many anti-religious people on this. It’s always good to see other point of views, though I’ll continue to believe in God with all my heart. Interesting post, never heard of this, I would have expected to hear about news like this on the History channel.

  33. 33

    The story-book nature of the bible does little to enhance anybody’s lives and ‘spiritual'(mental) wellbeing. The bible could have done so much more to better the world but only leads us into more wars in the name of God. If there was a Divine Being, He would have made us smart enough not to believe in Him.

    That being said, just because Christianity seems illogical doesn’t mean people should default to atheism, as see is the fashionable thing to do now.
    I certainly do hope that those engaging in arguements on religion here are only doing so out of little fun and do not feel an absolute necessity for conflict.

    Sorry, for this solely religious post, to any anyone who was interested in the girl.

  34. 34

    So right Rogue.
    Paganism can be the only religion (if you want to call it religion)
    It is about us nature and everything else.
    And yes so many symbols that modern religions use and call their own have been around long before they were even thought of.

  35. 35

    It’s sad that over a childs miss fortune (or blessing) becomes a religious war. I was truly interested in this child, and why she won’t grow or age… some look to her for the answer to the fountain of youth… but you know what, after reading these posts, and how angry people can get, off topic, and the way of the world today, I DON’T want to live a longer life than what God has planned for me. And I’m sorry for my children who will have to battle through this life after I am gone. I hope we acn keep on topic, and keep peace with one onother from here on.

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  40. 40

    I’m often amused by articles such as this which have just a very tenuous (if any) link to religion, because so often there’s someone quick to say that Christianity is a waste of time.

    Here, as is usually the case in such forums, it’s people with an anti-Christian view (and a very uneducated one at that) who bring up the subject. If Jesus doesn’t – and didn’t even – exist, why keep bringing him up? Despite what you say, I can only presume there’s a nagging feeling about who he really is.

  41. 41

    “Despite what you say, I can only presume there’s a nagging feeling about who he really is.”

    Fictional story – sort of like your life, believing in this fairy tale. Find a big solid wall and bang your head against it for awhile, see if that works.

  42. 42
  43. 43
  44. 44

    “Here, as is usually the case in such forums, it’s people with an anti-Christian view (and a very uneducated one at that) who bring up the subject.”

    If it gives you hope, great for you. With so much corruption and controversial, even hypocritical, things religion does, it makes one doubt the legitimacy as a whole. Isn’t that what makes humans so great? We question.

  45. 45

    @ Steve Smith

    People bring Jesus up because he’s a character in the story. You wouldn’t talk about the lore of Harry Potter without discussing Harry Potter himself. Harry Potter is also a fictional character, yet people discuss him frequently in connection with wizards, etc.

    When a religion is based on a character, such as Jesus Christ, people will talk about that character when the discuss the religion. Your argument is completely invalid. Because someone brings up the story of Jesus and the reasoning behind why they think it is false, it means they might actually believe deep down inside that he exists? Don’t be delusional.

  46. 46

    i couldn’t be bothered to read all the comments, however i would like to point out that christianity is a belief.
    however there is more documented evidance on the existance of jesus(by the romans) than there is of julius ceasar so please alun dont make up credentials as you are slurring the names of good educational institutions

  47. 47

    Wow! Never read a whole comment page or commented but this train of thought is priceless!Hopefully we can all be immortal but the girl will probably die before too long.You are probably God.

  48. 48

    LOL @Kenser, I feel the same way, usually after a few comments I’ll move on, but now I feel compelled to comment on the comments. No one here today, that we know of, was there 2,000 years ago. Regardless of what artifacts we might find, we can’t know for a certainty what occurred all those years ago. Even what happens now we can’t know for a fact unless we witnessed it and even then, we can only know what we perceived with our own senses. Why do so many people argue about something they know nothing about. Unless you were alive a couple of thousand years ago, you can’t say anything for sure, if you were there, I’d sure like to talk to you and get the scoop. ;-)

  49. 49

    Toller Post den du da geschrieben hast. Wuerde gerne eigentlich deinen Feed abonieren aber leider sehe ich ihn einfach nicht obwohl ich meiner Meinung nach eigentlich ueberall geschaut habe.

  50. 50
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  53. 53

    Thanks so much for this. I thought I discovered lots of beneficial stuff here yesterday after spending all day going through this private area.

  54. 54

    I accept, I have on the agenda c trick not been on this webpage in a long time… in spite of that it was another elation to study It is such an portentous text and ignored around so tons, steady professionals. I thank you to eschew making people more hip of realizable issues.

  55. 55

    There is something very wrong or the girl would have been able to learn a vocabulary.

    ….everyone believes in inbreading. There had to be a first two of every species….some believe very early on that from one, one-celled being to unisex animals incest happened after a genetic defect happned to cause a male species and in that deformed being’s lifetime, another genetic defect ‘accidentally’ happened to make a female a perfect ‘fit’ for the male defect who’s genetic deformation leaked DNA into the female’s defect that provides a place for the DNA and an egg to impregnate…
    Personally I just don’t have enough blind faith to be an atheist..

  56. 56

    yeah, this is weird. if she never ages, then couldn’t she just live on as a baby forever? if she never caught a fatal disease or ailment? obviously she could never die of old age.

  57. 57


    I was looking on another subject when I saw this page on my research. I’m from Brazil, but I read the article and comments. First, I would like to congratulate the writer, was very good your text and comments that gave some more Informations about the girl.
    However, I believe the subject matter has nothing to do with religion. I am impressed how people change the focus of things so easily, either in Brazil or anywhere else in the world. Guys, if you want to argue about it, there are endless sites to the case … Have some notion of things! Or a thing here in Brazil is called “Simancol”

  58. 58

    From what i could see, the article did not relate this to religion, but quoted the parents saying that she is their “angel”.

  59. 59

    I have absolutely no confidence in the intelligence of the human species.. are you being serious or sarcastic.

  60. 60

    its not really immortality,(immortality means the ability to live forever) while what they are studying is a way to stay young forever, this leaves disease, being killed, accidental deaths, and really too many others to count.

  61. 61

    Everyone has a right to their opinion and speech, however don’t assume that opinion is the general one or even a popular one.
    Secondly, i would not call one more angry discussion on the internet a war.
    Third is that for the most part, people want to stay alive, thats kind of why we do most stuff.
    Fourthly we are surrounded by man made tools and chemicals that allows us to live longer, considering how extreme the difference is between a lifespan without penicillin and one with; what do you think the difference is between removing this factor in our death, and removing another.
    Last but not least you believe in one of the many beliefs, it would be ignorant to think that people in general should live by yours.(i apologize if you didnt go in that direction but it seemed as if you were)

  62. 62

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