Instagram food photos can help you eat healthier

Finally, a reason to post food photos!

Elon Musk reveals that Neuralink is aimed at stopping AIs from taking over

Such a cool problem to have.

Could Oman’s mountains hold the key to reversing climate change?

A billion tons of CO2 have been trapped by these mountains where the only exposed sections of the Earth’s mantle are found.

Barley’s full genome sequenced after decade-long research effort

A tiny plant with a lot of genes.

Not even money can sway most people to listen to counter-partisan views

Ultimately, this behavior is what creates dangerous information bubbles.

Not even deep groundwaters are safe from modern pollution, study finds

Not good.

Novel technique can 3-D print intricate glass objects like a pretzel

You can apply the technique on any existing 3-D printer.

Where you shop influences how healthily you eat — but only about half as much as who you are

All food is good. But only some of it is good for you.

Artificial womb-like environment helps premature lamb mature for 4 weeks

It could save countless severely prenatal human babies

New, cheap artificial photosynthesis scrubs the air and produces fuel

Currently only works with blue light, but they’re working on fixing that.