AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

So it begins.

Tesla just announced it would build 5 Gigafactories

Big plans ahead for Tesla.

Scientists engineer mosquitoes that could stop malaria spread

A mosquito with a gene that blocks the malaria parasite has been created in the laboratory, a new research reports.

Genetic analysis shows the mysterious Chaco Civilization was a society ruled by women

We now know much more about the civilization that dominated the American Southwest for hundreds of years.

37% of Norway’s new cars are electric. It might be 100% by 2025

While Trump is busy trying to revigorate the ailing fossil fuel industry, the rest of the world is preparing for an energy revolution.

This new hair dye changes color based on temperature. Yes, it’s awesome

A UK company has revealed a stunning new type of hair dye which changes colors based on temperature.

Want to save a lot of money around the house? Buy a 3D Printer

A 3-d printer can make anyone at least 1000% return on investment over five years.

London to introduce £10 ($12) vehicle tax for polluting cars

The announcement comes after a disastrous couple of months for London in terms of air quality.

NASA finds 7 Earth-sized planets in a star nearby. Three are in the habitable zone

What a great day for science!

New paper traces the history of termites — and it’s surprisingly similar to our own

Rafters, builders, annoying when they come into the house uninvited. We’re very similar.