Vegetarian diet found to be twice as effective at reducing weight

You might not like it, but that’s just the way things are.

Chemists develop innovative way to spot fake whiskey — using glowing dyes

The same method could be applied for juices, wines, or even drugs.

From Red to White: The main types of wine, with their delicious differences

It’s deliciously interesting.

Shape changing noodles are the future of pasta

Just add water.

8 simple tips to help you become a vegetarian

It can be simple and fun!

Replacing beef with beans on Americans’ plates might be the fastest way to cut CO2 emissions

If Americans ate beans instead of beef, the U.S. would realize 50 to 75% of its 2020 GHG-reduction targets.

Ancient climate change turned whales into Earth’s largest organisms ever , study reports

Do you think they get self-conscious about their weight?

What are free radicals and how we can fight them with antioxidants, according to science

Eat your fruits and veggies, folks.

A muffin a day might keep the doctor away — if you eat this special muffin

Delicious and healthy? Sign me up!

Grilling or microwaving mushrooms best preserves their nutritional properties

If you’ve always wondered how to best cook mushrooms — these Spanish scientists have your back.

Virtually all sea salt is contaminated with microplastic, study finds

Pass me the sea salt please, and hold the plastic.

Early farmers probably didn’t really know how to select crops — but they were very lucky

Domestication could’ve well happened on its own.

Drinking too much caffeine can kill you — Latte, soda, and energy drink combo kill US teen

Three cups of coffee is already too much.

France’s ban on unhealthily skinny models just came into force

The standard of beauty should not be unhealthy.

Good news: Cheese doesn’t raise your risk of heart disease

The common belief that cheese and dairy are bad for your heart is simply wrong, a new review of 29 previous studies found.

It’s not just the poor: all Americans eat fast food about as often

Bite into this study.

Dairy has been greatly underestimated and is an “excellent” protein source for children, study finds

Pass me that milk!

Instagram food photos can help you eat healthier

Finally, a reason to post food photos!

Where you shop influences how healthily you eat — but only about half as much as who you are

All food is good. But only some of it is good for you.

NASA is designing small away-from-home-ecosystems to make space exploration sustainable

Recycle everything!!!