Low calorie diet ensures longer and healthier lifespan for monkeys

Researchers just added more weight to the idea that a low-calorie diet extends lifespan.

Study finds correlation between eating hot peppers and longer lifespan

Like spicy foods? There’s a good chance you might get to live longer.

The buzz on how honey is made

Ah, what is sweeter than honey?

Have dinner earlier if you’re trying to lose weight, study says

Minding when you eat might be just as important as what, when you’re trying to slim down.

Ugly, marred apples are more nutritious than their ‘perfect’ counterparts

They’re just as – if not even more – delicious.

Legumes are more filling than meat, better for your waist and the planet

Where’s my fork?

UK pushes forth with sugar tax

The United Kingdom has announced drafts for a sugar tax set to begin in April 2018, addressing the country’s growing obesity problems.

To HEK with diabetes: new cell capsule could treat the condition with 0 insulin shots

It’s like a pacemaker for your insulin.

Time to update the Paleo Diet — it was heavy on plants and veggies, archaeologists found

Best enjoyed with a stone fork from a bark plate.

The U.S. public doesn’t trust scientists over GMO foods, Pew report says

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