Bosnian men should be the tallest, but their diet keeps them down

The future’s tallest.

Add another perk to eating fruits and veggies: they lower blood pressure

Does this not look delicious to you?

Why eating lots of sugar makes you fat

How bittersweet…

Eating fruit may have given primates their big brains, paving the way for social structures

Chow down.

The Fellowship of the Ring needed 675 pieces of lembas bread to reach Mordor, study finds

They would have needed fewer pieces of lembas if it weren’t for those hungry ‘stinking hobbitses’.

Europeans have evolved to eat more vegetables and grains

So, eat up those veggies!

Eating a lot of cheese doesn’t raise your cholesterol and is associated with lower body mass index

Cheese eaters, rejoice!

Cooking at home is cheaper, more healthy, less fattening — a major boost for nutritional sustainability

Writing this article left me starving. To the pans!

Students will eat at the salad bar — all it takes is marketing and some parental help

You don’t need an ID for this bar.

Dental plaque shows what Neanderthals took as drugs

Neanderthals took the herbal equipment of aspirin and penicillin.