The Food Chain Project: Fighting Food Waste With Art

Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa has started a new project where he monitored everything he ate during a year and made a work of art out of it.

The Hunger Games: Extreme calorie reduction may increase lifespan

Five days of hunger a month could significantly reduce aging and age-related medical conditions.

We could eat 90% of the fish we feed other fish

Warning: I say ‘fish’ lots of times in this article.

Taxing junk food and subsidizing healthy items will make us live longer and save billions in the health system

That’s 500,000 extra years of healthy life and more than AUD 3 billion in costs for Australia’s current population.

How Denmark easily reduced their food waste by 25%

Food waste is running rampant throughout the developed world but we can learn a lot from this Scandinavian country.

Healthy Snacks That Might Boost Work Productivity

Gimme some of that avocado, I got a lot of work to do.

Man drinks vodka until his pancreas calcifies

After drinking several shots of vodka every day for 15 years, a man in Pennsylvania had a very bad day.

Study finds fluorinated chemicals in one third of fast food wrappers

Bad food packaging, bad!

Worm Meatball and Cricket Falafel — Researchers develop tasty food from yucky critters

OK, just put some extra garlic on it.

UK Food agency starts campaign against potatoes which pose cancer risk

Too much potato is bad for you, OK?