“Shell knew.” The big oil company was aware of the effects of climate change since at least 1991

Shell was aware of what they called the “catastrophic effects of climate change.” They chose not to act.

Does your country have bad drivers? Then your government is likely corrupt

Spare a moment to think about how the streets are in your country. The ponder how corrupt your country is. Do you see a correlation?

Half of the world’s species could become extinct by 2100, biologists say at Vatican conference

Welcome to the planet’s sixth major extinction — take a seat.

Trump’s border wall could threaten 111 endangered species

The impact is huge. Even the bald eagle is affected.

We could eat 90% of the fish we feed other fish

Warning: I say ‘fish’ lots of times in this article.

Climate change has already harmed more than half of all mammals

It’s even worse than we thought.

British supermarket chain will start using trucks powered by food waste

Waitrose, a British upscale supermarket, has become the first major European company to use trucks powered by food waste.

How Denmark easily reduced their food waste by 25%

Food waste is running rampant throughout the developed world but we can learn a lot from this Scandinavian country.

Nowhere is safe from mankind — high levels of pollution found even in the deepest oceans

Nowhere on Earth is safe from humanity’s impact.

Information about the world’s water at your fingertips

Now water is even more precious than ever!