Yes, in case there was any doubt – 2016 was the warmest year on record

In case anyone had any doubts, the year that just ended was the hottest on record.

If water rates get hiked at current rate, U.S. households unable to afford water could triple in five years

Water is a fundamental right — but you still have to pay for it.

Better containers could significantly curb food waste, enable better food aid

Food aid shipments and many retailers have been using the same packaging for decades.

US and Canada ban offshore drilling in the Arctic

Obama hopes the move will be hard to undo for his successor.

Bushmeat trade threatens 7% of all land animals with extinction. ‘Endangered species are NOT a delicacy’

Hunting is still a thing in the 21 century, and we risk losing hundreds of species because of it.

Why We Have to Promote Renewable Energy

Climate change is real, but do you feel powerless in facing that reality?

In times of turmoil, academics stand up, develop code of conduct and reaffirm fight against racism, misogyny and climate change denial

In times of political turmoil, academics are often the first to react.

World’s poorest countries pledge to 100% renewable energy

They’re leapfrogging developed countries.

Comprehensive study finds that sustainable eating could save the planet

Cutting down on meat could drastically reduce global warming.

That’s probably not cod that you are eating

There’s something fishy with your fish!