Crew of first ever combat submarine, the Confederate Hunley, was killed by their own torpedo

After more than 150 years, an able scientist solved the mystery of the eight sailors who died sinking a Union ship.

Tiniest ‘monster trucks’ race over a fraction of a width of the human hair in the first NanoRace

This was one exciting event. Now that’s a race I’d watch!

Cars or watches with wider faces makes consumers feel more dominant

People generally avoid people with wide faces but seem to be attracted to products with the same trait.

Diamond rain of Neptune and Uranus mimicked in the lab by scientists

Yes, on some planets it rains diamonds!

Trump Administration reverses ban on plastic water bottles in America’s national parks. ‘Corporate agenda is king,’ say environmentalists

The latest in a long running-list of anti-environmental measures by the President and team.

Bacteria equipped with tiny solar panels outperform photosynthesis

Trees aren’t obsolete yet but this hybrid system can do amazing things.

Preliminary results suggests probiotic immunotherapy cures peanut allergy four years after treatment

Sometimes you have to fight nuts with nuts (and probiotic).

Scientists make healthy sperm in the lab, raising hope for those suffering from genetic male infertility

They started from a mouse’s ear tissue cells, which they eventually turned into healthy sperm.

How algae prepared the ground 650 million years ago for the miracle of complex life

The story of the rise of the algae.

Gene variant that makes plump, juicy tomatoes identified by scientists

Who doesn’t love a plump tomato?

Why adding water to whiskey makes it taste better, or so some scientists claim

Diluting whiskey with a touch of water can enhance its taste.

Missing link dinosaur bridges the gap between vegetarians and meat eating dinosaurs

This missing link provides a glimpse into how different dinosaurs groups split and evolved differently.

Ancient coins reveal when Rome became an empire

Even in science, you can learn a lot of things if you follow the money.

What’s the difference between HIV and AIDS

You shouldn’t use the two interchangeably.

What does 5-sigma mean in science?

In science, there’s no room for certainty. But we can get close enough by using statistical significance.

New insights into testicular macrophages, the guardians of male fertility

Meet the testis police!

Nanotech makes solar panels literally green, hopefully making them more appealing

What’s your excuse now for not using solar energy?

Scientists find 91 new volcanoes miles beneath Antarctica’s thick ice sheet

Exciting but scary news at the same time.

What happens in the brain when you mix marijuana and alcohol

Alcohol and weed can mix well, but only if you’re careful.

Why sea levels around Finland and Sweden are dropping while the rest of the world is drowning

Earth is not a bathtub and some places actually experience a sea level drop due to climate change.