What exactly is a photon? Definition, properties, facts

Let’s shine some light on the matter.

Why do bird eggs come in so many different shapes ? Look to the wings, biologists say

The best predictor of long or pointy eggs is a bird’s flying ability.

Amazing 14th-century longsword found in Polish bog

Not much is known about its owner.

Powerful magnetic beams might one day solve our space junk problems

ESA is proposing the most promising ‘space janitor’ yet.

A mutation might extend the lifespan of some men by ten years

Some are lucky.

Curiosity caught on camera climbing Martian mountain by orbiting spacecraft

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Dogs will sniff out stomach cancer in new Japanese trial

You can trust a dog’s nose.

Driverless cars are an idea as old as the automobile itself: meet the 1911 ‘Robot Chauffeur’

This 100-year-old silent film is absurdly mesmerizing. Way ahead of its time!

Ancient prosthesis: a 3000-year-old Egyptian wooden toe

It belonged to the daughter of a priest close to the royal family.

Solar could supply up to 80% of domestic heating demand in northern latitude countries

Cold nights in Finland could be kept at bay with solar.