What do marijuana and chili have in common? They both calm the gut, scientists say

The findings suggest that both foods could have a therapeutic effect against diabetes and colitis.

This beekeeper’s pest can actually eat plastic waste and turn it into something useful

The waxworm eats plastic faster than any other animal we know of.

The story and science behind a new type of aurora called ‘Steve’

That’s what you get when the internet names things.

Tesla will double the stations in its Supercharger network by the end of the year

It’s not clear if congestion issues will be solved, especially in California.

We’re launching a horde of tiny satellites, and that might eventually make space flight unusable

Space junk is cluttering space. One day, we might not be able to launch anything anymore.

To make forests more resilient to climate change we might ironically have to cut some trees

If done early, a thinned young forest can store as much carbon as an un-thinned one despite being heavily outnumbered.

Three African countries chosen for the 1st large-scale malaria vaccine pilot program

Hundreds of thousands of infants will be vaccinated against the mosquito-carried parasite.

How ancient water management by the Chaco or Maya can help modern strategies in the face of climate change

Water management policy needs to adapt to constantly shifting environmental conditions, else we risk repeating the downfall of the Maya.

‘Hobbits’ didn’t evolve from a direct modern human ancestor. They likely originate from Africa instead

The most comprehensive bone analysis of its kind shows Homo floresiensis didn’t share important features with Homo erectus.

In the face of rising antibiotic resistance, fungi could be a goldmine for new drugs

Bacteria are getting tougher but scientists are not sitting idle.