What would happen to a space elevator if it’d broke


In one scenario, parts would spiral farther than the moon!

Can you be prosecuted if you commit a crime on the moon?

It's legal for an 18-year-old British astronaut to drink alcohol on the moon, but not for an American teenager of the same age.

Well, technically if you’re not a space pirate, you’ll be prosecuted by the laws governing your home country. On the International Space Station, that’s another story.

Getting tasered impairs cognition, and might violate “right to remain silent”

police taser

Police departments all over the world use tasers to pacify aggressive criminals. The stun gun ejects two wires at high speed that hook to the body of a person and send a 50,000 volt current, stunning the target. It certainly hurts, and the physical damage might take a while to heal. Researchers investigated, however, the psychological and cognitive effects of getting stunned with a taser. Their findings suggest those who get tasered experience short-term cognitive decline to the point of borderline dementia. This can last for a full hour, during which the victim might be unable to understand questioning by police properly and could interfere with their Miranda Rights, the “right to remain silent”.

For every dollar spent, vaccines offer a return of 44$

vaccines health

Vaccines are arguably one of the most impactful medical developments ever. According to the CDC, vaccines given to infants and young children over the past two decades will prevent 322 million illnesses, 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths over the course of their lifetimes. If that’s not impressive, a group of researchers put this into another perspective that almost all people seem to appreciate: money. Their findings suggest that though it costs a lot to research new vaccines, manufacture and implement them, the return of investment is absolutely stunning. Pharmaceutical companies make a nice profit, but the bulk goes to society.

Wolves seem to have howl ‘dialects’ — might help unravel origin of human speech

wolf howl

A team of researchers performed the most extensive study of howling made by canid species. This includes wolves, jackals and familiar domesticated dogs. The findings suggest that each species and subspecies has its distinct vocal fingerprint, with a specific pitch, fluctuation and timbre.

What is Kombucha and is it good for you?

Kombucha. Image: Colorado State University

Many label it as a magic drink that cures anything from constipation to cancer. Is there any truth to these claims?

Artists literally shine a mask on a Japanese beauty’s face using projection mapping

video projecting art

It’s hard not to love video mapping, especially if you’ve seen a show up close and personal.

Oddly enough, all trees regardless of size break at the same wind speed

Broken trees in the aftermath of a hurricane storming under Sankt Petersburg, Russia

In the wake of calamities like hurricanes or tornadoes, you’ll find trees leveled to the ground. But observations suggest that all trees seem to break at the same wind speed, with parameters like the type of tree, height or diameter barely affecting the outcome.

This is how the brain makes you sigh every 5 minutes


Sighing is a fundamental biological reflex that’s a lot more important than most people care to think. We don’t just sigh when we’re in a position of weariness or relief, but quite regularly for no particular reason — about 12 times an hour.

You shouldn’t forget about recycling bathroom items


When home recycling is concerned, the kitchen reigns supreme. Here is where most of the waste gets disposed and where all the recycling bins can be found, but there’s another important center filled with recyclable items in your home: the bathroom. Research shows that even among families that are consistent recyclers, only 20% of Americans recycle bathroom items. It’s not