Mummified child found in 17th century Lithuanian crypt might crack the mystery of smallpox virus

Though smallpox is now extinct, we need to learn about the origin of the virus.

The fish that evolved to survive toxic pollution 8,000 times the lethal dose

A mutant success story.

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Jab, jab, right hook.

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Dinos wore plumage before it was fashionable.

Why the Earth’s core is two and a half years younger than the crust

Because relativity, that’s why.

Not too long ago, Greenland stayed ice-free for 280,000 years

The Vikings were late a million years. Back then this was ‘really’ Greenland.

Scientists turn the clock back 350 million years to show how humans lost their tails. Twice

Strike two.

How a vital Tequila ingredient could help us adapt to climate change

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Record sea ice retreat in the Arctic and Antarctica. Polar bear populations could drop by a third by 2050

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Rivers are overflowing around Syria because there’s no one to use them anymore

War is hell.