Left-handed males have better math skills


Being left-handed isn’t easy in a right-handed world. Let me tell you, though, at least you’re better at math!

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Japan has more electric car charging stations than gas stations

japan chargers

While most of the world is sluggish about EVs, Japan seems to be light years ahead. The island state’s pro-electric car incentives have paid off and it’s never been easier for a Japanese to drive an electric car. Officially, there are now more charging stations than gas stations in the country.

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Google seems to want to build a city ‘from the internet up’

smart city

There are Google self-driving cars, Google-made phones and notebooks, and soon there might also a be a Google city.

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How will Elon Musk honor half a million Tesla Model 3 pre-orders?

Elon Musk at Tesla Factory. Credit: Wired Photostream // Flickr Commons

A lot of car makers are definitely jealous of Elon Musk and his success, but how many would actually want to be in his shoes right now?

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Fine wood artist makes a Death Star out of bamboo

star wars death star bamboo

What better way to celebrate Star Wars day than watching how a Death Star is made. Sure, Frank Howarth’s bamboo model isn’t life seized, nor does it have a working superlaser. It does, however, a great deal of joy simply by watching a master craftsman at work. Check out the ten minute video below and let me know what you think. May the fourth be with you!

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How to read the nutritional facts label

nutrition facts label

Nutritional labels can be daunting to read if you have no idea what to look for. Let’s look at a couple of label reading tips to make things easier.

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There’s a one in 10 billion trillion chance humanity is the only advanced life in the Universe


There are as many as 400 billion stars in the Milky Way alone. In this sea of light, it seems inevitable that life must have evolved on some alien planets.

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It happened: U.S. Government wants to resettle the first American climate change refugees

The Isle de Jean Charles. Credit: Wikipedia

The Isle de Jean Charles that lies on the Gulf coast of Louisiana is sinking. In less than 70 years, over the 90 percent of its landmass has washed away from erosion triggered by industry, as well public works which redirected rivers. Then there were the hurricanes.

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Self-driving car laws at a glance


Self-driving car tech is moving fast — so fast the laws haven’t had time to catchup.

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Into the schizo-mind: this is what “hearing voices inside your head” sounds like


There are times when our thoughts can be overwhelming, but nothing comes close to what the mentally ill have to go through. The audio below gives you a somewhat accurate glimpse of what the auditory hallucinations schizophrenics have to deal with on a day to day basis. It’s freaky, scary and mind breaking. Warning: if you’re spooked easily, skip.

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