Wildlife populations expected to plummet 67% by 2020 compared to fifty years ago

‘A wake-up call to marshal efforts to promote the recovery of these populations.’

Why cancer is such a hard nut to crack explained in this infographic

Beating cancer is tough.

Humans may have drove cave lions extinct and used their pelts as rugs

‘This will look fabulous in the cave’s wall.’

Genetic study finds AIDS first appeared in the U.S. in 1970, clears the name of ‘Patient 0’

Almost 24 years after his death, the most villainized patient in US history clears his name.

Why is Mars red?

It’s because of all that iron-rich dust, but it’s not clear how it got there.

‘Java genes’ explain why coffee doesn’t work for some people

If coffee doesn’t work for you, you might have different genes from everyone else.

Another ignoble carbon milestone: in 2015 average CO2 levels crossed 400ppm

No pat on the back for this one.

The surprising reason why Begonia leaves are iridescent blue: energy harvesting

A light scavenger can teach us a lot about energy efficiency.

Synthetic alcohol comes will all the benefits of regular alcohol, only without hangover

You can get drunk without having to deal with dry mouth, nausea, and headaches, says a British researcher.

Big liars start out small: scientists find repeatedly telling lies trains the brain to ignore feeling bad about it

Telling many small lies make you stop caring about the big ones.