Did the vaccine for the common cold just had to include all rhinoviruses? Why didn’t you say so!

Really, is it that easy? Let’s hope so.

‘We won’t ever see a month below 400ppm,’ said NASA’s chief climate scientist

We’ll have some explaining to do when our kids grow up.

Did Neanderthals and humans share the same hearing?

The study might help answer whether neanderthals were capable of the same communication abilities as humans.

Elon Musk unveils the ITS: a spaceship capable of carrying 100 people destined to settle Mars

Yet another audacious plan from the billionaire entrepreneur.

WiFi can be used to distinguish between household members with up to 95% accuracy

Useful, creepy, I can’t tell yet.

How one Japanese used Deep Learning to sort his parents’ cucumbers

You don’t need to change the world for deep learning to have a meaningful impact in your life.

China’s ‘Alphabet’ raises $1 billion in funding to make electric cars

Electric vehicles are at home in China.

Temperature records extended to two million years — what it can tell us about where the climate is heading

The more data we have, the better we’ll be able to forecast potentially catastrophic global warming.

This is the first pop song written by an A.I. and it sounds a lot like The Beatles

You can dance to it. Who said robots were boring?

How much land California needs to cover with solar panels to become 100% fossil fuel-free

Sounds like a lot, but by comparison with other infrastructure, it’s far from being intimidating. ‘Let’s get to work!’