Power lines over Lake Pontchartrain elegantly demonstrate the curvature of Earth

Set, Game, and Match, flat-earthers!

Neuropathologist examines brains of 111 N.F.L. players, finds 99% had degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head

This is something every football players should be aware of.

Moon’s mantle contains lots of water suggesting its interior is wet, study finds

The findings have big implications for future missions to the moon.

Western males have lost nearly 60% of their sperm count since the 1970s

Exposure to new man-made chemicals might be to blame.

What’s a Galileo thermometer and how do you read it?

While it’s not the most precise instrument, it’s certainly one of the most attractive.

Tesla Model 3: All About The Most Anticipated Car Ever

A glimpse at the future: the electric, self-driven vehicle of choice for the average American home.

Aboriginal people arrived in Australia 65,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought

The findings rewrite the story of the first Aboriginal people.

Massive simulation of the HIV ‘shell’ reveals new vulnerabilities that we might exploit to eliminate the virus

It took two years on a supercomputer to simulate 1.2 microseconds in the life of the HIV capsid.

3-D printing and Raspberry Pi are turned into impressive lab equipment on the cheap

The microscope costs less than 100 Euros and can be used for neuroscience.

Only five nuclear explosions are enough to change the climate and trigger a ‘nuclear autumn’

In the case of China’s five-megaton bomb, a single throw is enough to destabilize the planet’s climate.

Daily crosswords linked to sharper brain later in life

Your granny is on to something here.

Why bigger isn’t necessarily faster: a look at animal speed limit

Larger animals are faster — but only to a certain point.

What is the longest river in the world? That’s surprisingly debatable

Some scientists think the crown for the ‘largest river’ is like a competition. We explain why this silly.

Silicon 3D-printed heart looks and functions much like the real deal

It could transform how heart transplants work.

The first full system test for the Hyperloop is a success. Not a pipe dream anymore

The first functioning Hyperloop could open as early as 2019 in Dubai.

Scientists use energy-recycling to make it easier than ever to climb stairs

It’s meant for people who find it difficult to climb stairs.

How much does the Earth and its population weigh?

Humanity is getting more numerous and fatter while planet Earth itself is getting lighter.

Large carnivores like the lion or tiger lost more than 90% of their range in the last 500 years

Humans need room…

They’re everywhere on facebook, and now scientists have stored a GIF inside a living bacteria with the help of CRISPR

It’s the first time CRISPR was used to store and retrieve media from DNA.

Cheap but smart glove translates American Sign Language into text

The device could enable people with speech impairment to communicate easier.