Brian Cox claims the LHC proves there aren’t any ghosts out there

I have a feeling this still won’t settle the debate.

Even bots have arguments. Some Wikipedia bots can undo each other for years before settling an edit

An important incursion into bot sociology.

Even ‘dirty’ energy companies don’t want new coal-fired plants in Australia. Not even for free cash

Everyone with sense except Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, realizes coal is done for.

Tesla just announced it will build 5 Gigafactories

Big plans ahead for Tesla.

Genetic analysis shows the mysterious Chaco Civilization was a society ruled by women

We now know much more about the civilization that dominated the American Southwest for hundreds of years.

Myth busted: Americans spent millions to make a pen that would flow in space — the Russians used a pencil

It’s a great story that reminds us complicated solutions can have very simple solutions. But the Russian pencil story is just a myth, though.

NASA finds 7 Earth-sized planets in a star nearby. Three are in the habitable zone

What a great day for science!

Brain-computer interface allows paralyzed to type fast and accurately by power of thought alone

The communication rate is practical enough to be useful for many patients.

Europe has to shut down all of its coal-fired plants by 2030 to meet its Paris Agreement pledge

Seriously ambitious action is needed if we’re to avert 1.5 C of global warming.

A fifth of the world’s food is lost to waste and over-eating

The world grows enough food. The challenge lies in controlling waste and protein distribution.