German coal mine will be converted into a huge hydro battery for renewable energy

The old making way for the new.

Supermassive black hole dislodged from its galactic throne travels at 5 million mph

In the aftermath of a titanic galactic battle, a merged black hole caused some waves.

‘Chewing like a cow’ helped early mammals thrive in the wake of dinosaur extinction

There’s a lot to be grateful for the first mammalian ancestors who evolved side-to-side chewing.

Facial recognition software can diagnose rare genetic disease with 96% accuracy

It’s similar to how Facebook’s facial tracking algorithm works, only much more useful.

Drug reverses aging in mice. The rodents saw increased stamina, better organ function, and restored fur

For humans, the same kind of therapy seems years away.

Record-breaking silicon solar cell efficiency of 26.6% demonstrated by Japanese researchers, very close to the theoretical limit

We’re getting closer to the ideal silicon solar cell.

‘It’s not your fault’: Two-thirds of cancers are due to random genetic mutations, but lifestyle is still very important

Only 29 percent of cancers can be attributed to lifestyle or environmental factors while heritability could explain 5 percent of cancer mutations.

The Fellowship of the Ring needed 675 pieces of lembas bread to reach Mordor, study finds

They would have needed fewer pieces of lembas if it weren’t for those hungry ‘stinking hobbitses’.

Largest ‘artificial sun’ switched on in Germany to research hydrogen production

German engineers turn on a huge light bulb to better understand solar energy.

Why woodpeckers don’t get headaches

Despite the serious head banging, the woodpecker suffers no concussions or any kind of head injury. What’s this bird made of?