Why were there three cows on Antarctica in 1933?

It wasn’t just for the milk…

How alleles make us who we are

It has to do with your parents, and a bit of luck.

Goldfish make alcohol to survive the winter without oxygen

Go home goldfish, you’re drunk.

How old is the oldest tree?

it’s a surprisingly long time.

A trapdoor spider rafted all the way from Africa to Australia

A long way for a little spider.

Using flies to find the animals that live in a tropical forest

Follow the buzz.

Two butterflies thought to be different species are actually the same one

Can you tell by looking at them?

Animal files: Kiwi birds— unique birds

Find out why!

The reason why ice floats

A.k.a why our lakes are not completely frozen over and why your ice floats in your cocktail.

Getting rid of an invasive shrub reduces the number of malaria-spreading mosquitos

Another reason why invasive species can be harmful.

Praying mantises hunt birds all over the world

Luckily, it’s not so common.

The “eelevator” gives migrating eels a ride past obstacles

The lift to save eel lives.

How amber forms — nature’s time capsule

It takes millions of years!

Animal files: Capybaras— the world’s largest rodents

This rodent of unusual size is cute.

The down-low on microplastics

They are everywhere!

A beginner’s guide to naming species in Latin

It doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Why the Great Barrier Reef is dying and why we should care

Hint: it mostly has to do with climate change.

Scientists got an image of a person’s face just by scanning a monkey’s brain

They’ve cracked the code!

Extinct giant tortoise is being revived after an unexpected find

It’s been thought to be completely extinct for 150 years.

Shape changing noodles are the future of pasta

Just add water.