About 1 in 4 US teen girls hurt themselves, a new report finds

America has a hidden problem on its hands.

Teenage boys who show empathy attract 1.8 more girlfriends than boys who don’t

All your girlfriends are belong to me.

Study Confirms What Everyone Suspected: Teens Get Less and Less Sleep

US researchers have conducted a national survey and found that the percentage of U.S. teens who get seven or more hours of sleep is steadily decreasing. The number of teens suffering from sleep deprivation has continuously decreased, up to the point where less than half of all teens sleep adequately.

The teen brain “shuts down” when it hears mom’s criticism

Being a teen can be difficult at times – but being a parent of a teen can be even more difficult. Sometimes, it’s like kids just close inside themselves and nothing from the outside can reach them. Well, according to a new study from Harvard, Pittsburgh and California Berkeley – that may actually be the case. Teen brains actually “shut