Six initiatives for sustainable agriculture announced at COP21

Climate change and agriculture are so interrelated that you basically can’t talk about addressing climate change without bringing agriculture into the mix. At COP21, the climate summit in Paris, governments, NGOs and private entities joined hands to announce several initiatives focusing on some of the most pressing issues in agriculture: soils in agriculture, the livestock sector, food losses and waste, and sustainable production methods and resilience of farmers.

Signs that much of the world can go completely renewable

In unanimous vote, the city of Vancouver, Canada, passed its Greenest City Action Plan – to become the world’s greenest city by 2020; one of their goals is to use only renewable energy in only 5 years. In light of that and other recent developments, it’s starting to feel like much of the world might actually go renewable in the near future.

“Global Calculator” shows we can all live better while reducing CO2 emissions

The living standard of everybody in the world can be increased while also reducing CO2 emissions and limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius – that’s the conclusion of The Global Calculator, a new free, interactive tool developed by UK scientists in collaboration with organisations from India, US, China,and Europe. Calculating the future The Global Calculator can be used by businesses and researchers

The United Nations has released its Human Development Index for 2014. European countries dominate again, the US is 28th

The UN released the Human Development Index for 2014, and it’s bad news for the United States – which come in at the 28th place, with huge social and wealth inequality.

Stanford stops investing in coal companies

Following a recommendation of Stanford’s Advisory Panel on Investment Responsibility and Licensing, the Board of Trustees announced that Stanford will not make direct investments in companies which have coal mining as their principal activity. Put your money where your research is Major Universities are very active in terms of investments – which makes a lot of sense. If you have some of

Puma replaces shoe box with reusable bags

I had some serious thought on whether to write this or not. It’s not a paid post or anything, and quite frankly, I’ve never owned anything from Puma. But I was absolutely thrilled to find out about their initiative to replace the shoe boxes with reusable bags. It’s exactly this kind of small thing, but that requires minimum efforts that

Earth Day 2009 – don’t let it be just another day!

In case you didn’t know, today is Earth Day and this year we are celebrating it for the 39th time. If you gladly supported Earth Hour this is a great new opportunity to show that you do care about the environment and that you believe in a sustainable future ( see here how). If you spent Earth Hour watching TV