Despite spending $200 million, NASA still doesn’t have a new space suit and that could delay an important deep space mission

Internal auditors weren’t happy with the way NASA is making new space suits.

The sleek, sexy suit that could take astronauts to Mars

The clunky and heavy astronaut costumes used today are very useful and well thought – they provide oxygen, scrub CO2, and keep astronauts safe from radiation and outside negative factors. But they are, still, clunky and heavy, and not really suitable for the kind of intensive exploration astronauts have to conduct on Mars. Dava Newman, a speaker at this year’s

Mars space suit tested by NASA in Antarctica

A successful manned mission to Mars would launch mankind into a new space era,  marking a historical moment; and however distant this prospect may be, scientists at NASA are already working on space suits tailored for the Martian environment. The NDX-1 space suit, designed by Argentine aerospace engineer Pablo de Leon with NASA funding, was tested recently in the Argentinian