Physicists say sound waves might actually carry mass

And it might be ‘negative’ mass to boot!

Two students created a device that extinguishes fires with soundwaves

What do fires and deep sounds have in common? Not much right now, but they might have a lot in the future.Two George Mason University students have designed a device that uses sound waves to put out fires, thus potentially eliminating the need for carrying around huge quantities of water and costly cleaning operations. Here’s how it works:

Researchers capture sound from atoms, opening new doors to quantum research

Most quantum research is focused on studying interactions between light and atoms, a field known as quantum optics. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden took an alternate route and demonstrated for the first time that acoustic waves could be used to communicate with an atom. The findings could provide an important stepping stone for harnessing quantum effects in the

Echolocation: a new chance for the blind?

As much as technology has improved, the blind still struggle with many of the problems they faced say, 1000 years ago. However, as researchers from the the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) have discovered, the solution may be provided by nature, or more exactly by  other inhabitants of our planet: dolphins and bats. It seems that humans can be