Fossil Friday: new study says Texas used to be a ‘veritable Serengeti’ 11 to 12 million years ago

If you like cool photos of fossils, we’ve got just the paper for you!

Pick-a-boo: the secret life of Serengeti wildlife caught in 1.2 million photos

After placing no less than 225 camera traps, a group of researchers has collected a massive database of 1.2 million photos documenting the secret live of the animals that roam Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The shots offer a raw, unedited glimpse that wouldn’t had been possible otherwise; genuinely up close and personal. So personal that some of the lions and other beasrs in the park went a step too far and tried to eat the cameras. At time, the only thing that was left of the camera was plastic shreds, but luckily some memory cards survived. How often do you get to see the last shot made by a camera? With a lion with a fully open jaws staring right at you, no less.