Scientists track Earth’s ancient, destroyed oceans

The oceans and continents aren’t as fixed as we tend to think of them.

Magma chamber beneath Yellowstone National Park might be even vaster than thought

Beneath one of the most famous touristic attractions in the world, the Yellowstone National Park, there lies one of the largest and most complex volcanic systems in the world. Yellowstone is a supervolcano of perplexing size, but as Utah seismologists found… it may actually be even bigger than previously thought.

Reunderstanding how West America was formed

For decades, the accepted theory was that the mountain chains running from Alaska to Mexico were created from fragments of land scraped off a huge tectonic plate moving eastwards, called the Farallon, that converged with North America and sunk below it over the past 200 million years or so. But alas, geologists and geophysicists aren’t always in accord, and a