Hallucinations may be the side effect of over-processing in brain’s visual center

Neurons in the visual cortex actually fire less when met with psychedelic substances.

LSD changes the way the brain reacts to music, study finds

Just imagine a music therapy session spiced up with some psychedelics.

Norwegian Researchers Are Crowdfunding to Make Psychedelics and MDMA Free for Global Medical Use Share Tweet

As more and more researchers are starting to highlight the potential benefits of Psychedelic substances, one recent Norwegian campaign is aiming high: they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to make psychedelics and MDMA legal for research and global medical use. In the past years, we’ve written about several studies documenting the positive effects that psychedelics may have, in a controlled environment and

Psychedelics aren’t linked to mental health problems – on the contrary

Two new studies, independently published in the same journal, found that consciousness expanding substances like LSD or psilocybin (the psychoactive substance found in ‘magic mushrooms’) couldn’t be linked with mental health problems in the general population. Moreover, according to data fed from a nationwide survey, psychedelics make people less prone to suicide and suicidal thinking than the general population. Previously, studies showed that psychedelics have significant results in treating addiction and post traumatic stress, under guidance and supervision. The researchers stress, however, that some individuals may experience adverse psychological effects.

Use of Psychedelics Could Reduce Suicide Rates

Suicide rates have generally remained the same for decades, with slight increases in some areas of the world. Basically, scientists and medics don’t really know how to effectively tackle this issue, so they’re considering more unorthodox approaches. A new study has found that classic psychedelic use may reduce suicidal thinking, ultimately dropping suicide rates. “Despite advances in mental health treatments,

Science turns psychedelic: an amazing TED talk

A while ago, ZME Science featured the brilliant work of  Fabian Oefner, a Swiss artist and photographer, who mixes various artsy techniques (paints, photography, glasswork etc) with science. Thus, he came up with some truly fantastic pieces of art from mixing paint with magnetic liquid, to using colored crystals that pattern under sound waves (pictured in the GIFs), to setting whiskey on fire.

fMRI scans reveals how ‘magic mushrooms’ inflict psychedelic effect on the brain

Psychedelic mushrooms have been used for medical, ceremonial and spiritual purposes for thousands of years, due their mind-alterating properties which induce hallucinations, perception disorders or altered states of awareness. It’s been found that the active ingredient responsible for the psychedelic state, which many associated with a religious experience, is a substance called psilocybin. Though a lot is known about the substance, chemically-wise,