High-potassium foods like bananas and avocados can stave off strokes and heart attacks, new study finds

Munch up on those avocados and bananas, people!

9 Foods to Make Sure You’re Eating Enough Potassium

Potassium is one of the more important nutrients in our diet, and the recommended daily dietary intake is 4700mg – but few of us actually get even close to that figure (you may need more or less potassium depending on your body and if you have certain medical conditions). Sure, you can take dietary supplements, but that’s really the wrong way

Teens: Forget the salt, eat more bananas

In the modern world, we tend to eat more salt than we should, and that can have several negative impacts on our body, including higher blood pressure – or so we thought. But a new study on teenage girls found that salt has no negative effect on blood pressure; bananas do. “It may be that potassium is more of a

Great video shows alkali metal reactions with air and water

Here is the video, go watch it (it will rock your world if you don’t know your chemistry – and even if you do, it’s still great to watch). I’ll come back with a short explanation after the video. Alkali metals are a series of metals from Mendeleev’s periodic table; you can find them right under Hydrogen, which is the