Extra-virgin olive oil might prevent Alzheimer’s and protect your brain

It’s really, really good for you.

Coconut oil might be as bad as butter or lard, new guidelines suggest

It’s all about having a balanced diet.

Olive Oil Compound Kills Cancer Cells Within an Hour

An ingredient in extra-virgin olive oil kills a variety of cancer cells in a matter of minutes, without damaging healthy ones. The ingredient is called oleocanthal, and it breaks down a part of the cancerous cell, destroying it.

8,000-Year-Old Olive Oil Found in Ancient Clay Pots

We know that ancient populations really liked olive oil, and it’s not that uncommon to find oil-filled pots from Ancient Greece. However, archaeologists were really excited¬†to find that pressed olive oil goes as back as 8,000 years ago.¬†Researchers found residues of the Mediterranean-diet staple on ancient clay pots dating back to the 6th millennium B.C. “This is the earliest evidence