Zapping the brain with electricity reverses memory loss in the elderly

The stimulation syncs brain regions in order to prevent memory disintegration.

Humor and acceptance oust conflict and bickering in long-time marriages

The old that is strong does not wither!

Humans as old as 79 still generate new neurons, stirring new debate

The results are encouraging given an aging population around the world.

Stopping muscle atrophy at old age could be possible

Scientists have found a connection between nerve loss and muscle atrophy. They think the process can be reversed.

Drug reverses aging in mice. The rodents saw increased stamina, better organ function, and restored fur

For humans, the same kind of therapy seems years away.

Grumpy old monkeys are more picky with who they call friends, just like humans

Though they’re separated by 25 million years of evolution, monkeys and humans share at least one common fact of life: both choose to have a less engaged social life at old age.

Old organ regenerated to youthful state in elderly mice using gene manipulation

The popular myth of the fountain of youth tells the story of a magical spring that restores youth to anyone who drinks from it. Scientists working with longevity research have made important strides forward in recent years, however all of these efforts concentrate on prolonging life and slowing the effects old age has on the body, not reversing them. A