Chimps, unlike humans, are more likely to choose genetically-dissimilar mates

Two different takes on an age-old topic.

Male chimpanzees take an active interest in their offspring’s well-being, suggests early humans did the same

Up to now, we didn’t even think they knew which were theirs.

Good fathers’ testosterone level drops when expecting a baby

From horny freshmen to hugs and pacifiers, testosterone powers every man’s relationships.

Older dads birth offspring that end up having fewer kids of their own

Evolution is not kind to older dads, a new research suggests. University of Göttingen in Germany researchers found that older fathers end up having fewer grandchildren. Apparently, mutations that appear in old age are transferred to the offspring.

Menopause appeared by accident, evolved due to stay-at-home males

When you think about it from a biological point of view….Menopause doesn’t make that much sense, does it?