Sir Isaac Newton’s groundbreaking papers to become UNESCO heritage

I can’t think of more fitting work to be listed as UNESCO heritage.

First edition of Newton’s Principia is on auction, poised to become most expensive copy of the book

One of the most important works in human history.

Researchers detect the smallest force ever recorded

Researchers have detected the smallest force ever recorded – 42 yoctonewtons – using a system of super-cooled atoms. Yocto-what? The Newton, named after sir Isaac Newton, is the international unit of measure for force. 1 Newton is equal to 1 kilogram times 1 meter over 1 second square (1N = 1 kg * 1 m / s^2). A yoctonewton is one

The history of physics in a short, neat animation

Physics is a branch of science that interestingly enough developed out of philosophy, and was thus referred to as natural philosophy up until the late 19th century – a term describing a field of study concerned with “the workings of nature”. Here’s a short, very interesting and nice animation showing a short history of physics, from Galileo to Einstein. Hope