Mysterious lines in Peru that predate the Nazca lines are directions to major fairs

Rock lines discovered in Peru predate the famous Nazca lines by over 300 years, a new study concludes. However, the purpose of these lines was very different – to direct people to big trading sites and fairs. The lines were developed by the Paracas culture, which inhabited the Andes area around 800 B.C. – 100 B.C. The Nazca culture emerged shortly

The 10 most amazing unexplained artifacts

Every once in a while archaeologists (and sometimes amateur archaeologists) make remarkable discoveries. Sometimes, the finding is so surprising that they are unable to explain what it is they’ve found, how it came into existence, or ascertain its value. This is list of such unexplained artifacts; artifacts that many believe should have never existed, or for which we have no satisfying explanation.

The enigma of the Nazca trophy heads finally solved

The enigma of the South American peoples who created the Nazca Lines and collected heads as trophies slowly starts to find its answers. A new study shows that these heads weren’t taken from enemies, but in fact belong to people who had lived in the same place as the collectors, about 2.000 to 1.500 years ago. The heads had holes