Scientists develop largest simulation of the Universe to find dark matter

It’s an impressive achievement.

Fake moon landings would have been uncovered within a few years, same as other conspiracies

Using estimates of how many people are involved in some of the major alleged conspiracies, one scientist modeled how long it would take for them to be revealed to the public.

Predicting pandemic outbreaks by looking at air traffic

The world is getting smaller by the day, as fixed geographical distances become easier and more accessible for the common folk to travel. What this means is that a lot of things change as well, including the day diseases are carrier and spread throughout the world. Only a century ago, the number one mean of predicting and estimating the origin

New algorithm quickly identifies the most dangerous risks in a power grid

Power outages Every summer, when power grids are pushed to the limits by air conditioning, there’s millions or possibly billions of failures which can occur. A single failure in the system can cause massive power outages throughout entire neighborhoods – or even cities. To be honest, usually, a single failure doesn’t really cause this kind of black-out. But in many