Competence begets leadership in small groups

Make America small again, then!

Too much of a good thing: very smart executives are less able leaders

Intelligence positively correlates with good leadership — but only up to a point.

A stable boss is better than an inspirational leader for most businesses

Every business out-there, be it a corporate giant or a small shop, has it in its mind that it needs to employ highly original and market disruptive leaders in order to grow and prosper. A study that studied Chinese workplaces found that leaders don’t need to be transformational to lead a highly productive group. Instead, managers who are stable, reliable and

Grandiose narcissist U.S. Presidents make for more effective leaders, study shows

In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with himself after gazing upon the splendor of his own reflection. Pathological admirer of his beauty, Narcissus eventually died of grief for not being able to reach the beautiful young man in the water. When thinking of Narcissus, whose story birthed the term narcissism to describe inordinate fascination with oneself or vanity, it’s hard to