What makes things cute?

It’s obviously kittens. Just stick kittens on everything.

Sudden infant death syndrome linked to a rare genetic mutation

Researchers believe a rare mutation associated with breathing muscles is the cause of SIDS.

Fracking linked to low-weight, less healthy babies

Run for the hills! Or at least 2 miles away, as that seems to be the ‘danger radius’.

How infants start relating to other people past age 4. Critical brain fiber matures around that age

Don’t get too upset if your child doesn’t seem to understand your worries. But no more excuses past age 4….

Naps are key to infant learning and memory consolidation

People spend more of their time asleep as babies than at any other point in their lives, but even if this has been common knowledge for some time we’re only beginning to understand what role sleep plays during this key stage. University of Sheffield researchers claim that sleeping is key to leaning and forming new memories for infants as old as 12 months. Babies who didn’t nap were far less able to repeat what they had been taught only 24 hours earlier.