Scientists find superhot “mirror” pools in unique deep Pacific environment

The environments are also teeming with life.

NASA scientists create basic building blocks of life in a ‘primordial ocean’

A breakthrough that will narrow down the search for alien life.

Researchers find rare hydrothermal vent off the coast of Portuguese islands

It’s one of the most unique ecosystems on Earth.

Deep-sea marine animals lay eggs near hydrothermal vents so they hatch faster

This is the first time scientists have seen a marine animal doing this.

Antarctica Yeti Crab Grows and Harvests its Own Food

Scientists have discovered and described the only known species of Yeti Crab that resides in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. The crab, which has a white fur all over its body, survives in an extremely inhospitable environment, close to the hydrothermal vents that spew hot water in the freezing ocean.