Scientists just found the first relic galaxy — it’s remained unchanged since the early universe

A breakthrough moment in astronomy.

Hubble takes brilliant picture of young star population in elderly company

The great pics from Hubble just never end! This time, the brave telescope offered an impressive view of the center of globular cluster NGC 6362. The image of this spherical collection of stars takes a deeper look at the core of the globular cluster, which contains a high concentration of stars with different colors. Seeing what appears to be young

Black hole pair in star cluster defy scientific expectations

Black holes are simply the worst neighbors to have around, as they wreck havoc in their vicinity. Scientific belief states, however, that in a globular cluster, which is a massive spherical conglomeration of thousands of thousands of stars, you can’t have more than one black hole, if any. New findings however show that there’s no safe neighborhood, as data suggests black holes