Plants’ climate-compensation systems will be overwhelmed by climate change

Climate change could cause an ecological break-down.

The International Space Station’s incredible flower garden is in full bloom

This bright orange zinnia was grown in the Vegetable Production System (also known as the gloriously puny “Veggie”), a deployable unit built to sustain a range of crops including lettuce — the first space-grown crop that the ISS taste-tested in August.

Skeleton flower turns translucent when it comes in contact with water

This rare flower’s petals are usually white, but turn translucent (their “skeleton” form) when exposed to water. Being completely clear and of striking, glass-like beauty while wet, they turn white again when they dry off.

Global warming brings earliest flower bloom ever recorded

They say April showers bring blooming flowers – but the same could be said for global warming. A recent study conducted by scientists from Boston University, Harvard University, and the University of Wisconsin found that flowers are blooming faster and faster each year, with this year being the peak.