‘Fire Rainbows’ – What they are, how they form, and of course, great pictures

With the recent sighting of a fire rainbow in South Carolina, there seems to be a sudden surge of interest for this phenomenon, so I thought I’d come back with some more information. First of all, they’re not ‘fire rainbows’; in fact, they’re not rainbows at all. The correct name is circumhorizontal arc, and it’s an optical phenomenon formed by

Spectacular Rare ‘Fire Rainbow Cloud’ Spotted in South Carolina

It’s one of the rarest meteorological phenomena, and it’s truly spectacular: a fire rainbow delighted beachgoers in South Carolina, being photographed dozens of times and posted to social media. The term “fire rainbow” is actually misleading – the correct term would be circumhorizontal arc, but that just doesn’t sound so good. It’s basically an ice halo formed by ice crystals located very

8 totally awesome natural phenomena you probably didn’t know about

The Maelstrom When you hear a name like maelstrom, you just know it’s about something wicked. Introduced in English by Edgar Allan Poe from the Nordic languages, from which it came from the Dutch word maelstrom (maalstroom in modern spelling), it literally means crushing current, which is quite a very good description. A maelstom is basically a very big and