“Farm air” can protect children from asthma

Farm microbes could help reduce asthma risk.

Pesticide build-ups are contaminating Europe’s fields

You reap what you sow.

Researchers call for ban on a widely-used pesticide: it impairs brain development


Massachusetts and Rhode Island to build new offshore wind farms totaling 1.2GW

As developments in Europe drive down installation costs, the US is eager to get clean energy.

Incredible farm in Michigan becomes the world’s second ‘Living Building’

Can I rent a room?

New farm in the middle of the desert will use only sunlight and seawater – no pesticides, fossil fuels, or even soil

The sun and the sea – that’s all it needs.

Is the impact of climate change on agriculture underestimated?

A new paper suggests that we’ve been overlooking how two key human responses to climate — the total area farmed and the number of crops planted — will impact food production in the future.

A futuristic garden that lets you grow food at home just raised $230,000 on Kickstarter in 4 days

Let’s try again: Imagine you could grow your food at home, year-round, using a futuristic aquarium/garden system!