Star Trek-like shield discovered in Earth’s orbit shelters our planet from ‘killer electrons’

Many thousands of miles above our planet’s surface, electrons whiz through close to the speed of light. These electrons can streak past Earth in under five minutes, but can  also become dangerous and have been known to destroy satellites and even injure astronauts in extreme cases. Most of the time, however, our gear and astronauts can rest safe since scientists have discovered

Electro-magnetic helmet proves great benefits for fighting depression

Danish researchers have developed a special helmet that shoots electro-magnetic waves in target brain regions and treats patients suffering from depression. The results so far have been extremely promising, especially since it seems to work very well for patients suffering from extreme forms of depressions where conventional medicine doesn’t seem to work. According to the World Health Organization, there are some

Coins “shrunken” by powerful elecromagnetic blasts [PHOTO GALLERY]

While browsing reddit, I came across something well worth sharing: shrunken coins. Now, bear with me and you’ll soon learn why these are really interesting, if you the photos themselves haven’t caught your fancy. You see all these coins have been shrunk by powerful magnetic fields created by high power coils inside a machine appropriately dubbed the “coin shrinker” by

New techniques allows heat to be treated like light

A materials science researcher at MIT has devised a novel technique using nanoparticles that allows heat flow to be treated much in the same way as light. This means that like electromagnetic waves, heat was successfully focused and reflected. The findings could help spark further research which might one day aid in the development of highly efficient electronics, smart heat

New metamaterial focuses radio waves with extreme precision similar to Star Wars’ Death Star

Researchers at MIT have created a new metamaterial that they used to fashion a concave lens capable of focusing radio waves with extreme precision. The result lens is extremely lightweight compared to its counterparts developed from conventional materials, and could see promising applications in satellite telecommunications and space exploration of distant stars. In many ways metamaterials are supernatural, that’s because