Why the Easter Island statues were built where they were

Easter Island is one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

Easter Island natives may not have sailed all the way to South America after all

It doesn’t seem that Native Americans mixed with Polynesians before European contact.

Easter Island populations were not destroyed by warfare, reseach finds

The Easter Island is one of the biggest mysteries in human history. How people got there and where they came from, how they built the huge moai statues and why, and what brought their demise are still unsolved questions. But at leas for the latter, we may be getting a bit closer to the truth. The previously accepted theory was that inter-tribe

Researchers find early connection between Easter Island and America inhabitants

People from the Americas may have been making their way to the Easter Island way before Dutch commander Jakob Roggeveen arrived in 1722, according to new genomic evidence; this new evidence showed that the isolated Rapanui people shared a strong connection with Native American populations hundreds of years earlier. This evidence shows that early Americans undertook the 4000 kilometer route to Easter