Will self-driving cars reshape the way we travel?

A change is coming.

Google’s self-driving minivans will hit the streets in a few weeks

The future is now.

Driverless trucks are coming – and they’re going to automate millions of jobs

Six convoys of semi-automated, smart trucks drove across Europe, arriving at Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Tesla autopilot goes live – it’s creepy and beautiful

A couple of days back we wrote that Tesla’s new model S will be featuring an autopilot mode. The first reactions are amazing.

Driverless Cars set to hit the UK in 2015 in Greenwich, Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes

We already wrote about driverless cars hitting the streets several times (California, University of Michigan) but until now, the talk was all America. Now, cars without drivers will also hit the street in the UK, in 4 selected cities: Greenwich (south-east London), Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes. There will be a total of three projects, as Milton Keynes and Coventry