Italian Parliament votes to ban animals from circuses

Good news from Italy!

Romania bans wild animals in circuses

A solid step, though much more needs to be done.

Thirty three lions rescued from South American circuses and brought to African sanctuary

Lions previously held by circuses across South America were rescued and will be flown back to Africa, where they will spend the rest of their days in a safe sanctuary. It almost seems like a fairy-tale ending – after spending most or all of their life trapped in circuses in appalling conditions, these lions will finally get the chance to

Lion Tamer is attacked during Circus act – all caught on video

This is perhaps not the right attitude and I’m sure people will frown, but I have to say I had very mixed feelings when watching the video. An Ukrainian lion tamer, Oleksie Pinko was brutally attacked by two lions during a representation, and it was all caught on tape by tourists. But there are some things that have to be