How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. Not long after, the first prostitute monkey appeared

You may have thought things like currency or money are concepts known solely by man – something which differentiates humans from animals. Some might have a sense of ownership, besides of course territory, but trading and the likes haven’t been observed in any other species besides homo sapiens. An economist/psychologist duo from Yale back in 2005, however, managed to train seven capuchin monkeys how to use money, and I’m pretty sure from here on some of you might be able to guess what happened from there on.

Chimps can work together similarily to humans, study shows

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists have shown that our closest relatives behave very similarly to humans when put in a situation where close cooperation is needed for maximizing results. The research, conducted by a team of scientists from Georgia State University, was tested on three primate sub-species – humans, chimps