Nestle Pays $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of Drinking Water Worth $80,000,000

To say that Nestle is an unethical company would be an understatement – the company’s history is riddled with practices such as child labor, unethical promotion, manipulating uneducated mothers, pollution, price fixing, mislabeling and recently, abusing water resources. Operating under a permit that expired back in 1988, the company drew 27 million gallons (100 million liters) of water from 12 springs in

California drought is so tough L.A. is throwing 96 million balls to shade a reservoir

Faced with the worst drought in recorded history, officials in California are turning to all sorts of creative methods to curb the rising water shortage. Most recently, 96 million black plastic balls were thrown in the LA Reservoir, which is filled with enough water to last the whole city of four million for weeks. Together, the millions of plastic balls act as a cover, shielding the water inside the reservoir from the sun’s rays, especially the UV frequencies. This way, less water becomes evaporated or degraded through chemical means – about 300 million gallons of it.

Biologists fear salmon kill in Klamath river

It’s a tough year for salmon all around the world – now, a new health advisory issued by the U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Reclamation and PacifiCorp raises concerns about the future of salmon in the Klamath river in Oregon and California.