Blue Origin makes first test flight in over a year, tests new Crew Capsule

The booster sent the unmanned crew capsule to the edge of space. They both soft landed on Earth later.

Blue Origin passes key emergency espace test for its capsule with flying colours, then soft lands its rocket too

A huge milestone was reached by Jeff Bezos’ space venture.

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin unveils new heavy-duty rocket design meant to sweep contracts away from SpaceX

Should Elon Musk be worried?

Microsoft co-founder announces new private space flight company

We’re at the dawn of a new exciting era – the private space age. More and more companies and influential businessmen have hopped on the bandwagon in the past decade, with the thought of building something truly incredible, while operating a profitable business at the same time. Richard Branson launched Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk (Paypal founder) paved the way for