Researchers over that the Indiana University conducted a study that led to rather surprising conclusions. Despite the fact that women who used condoms as a contraceptive method reported that the condom caused a decrease in pleasure, those who used both condoms and hormonal contraception found more pleasure in sex.

The researchers suggest that this inconsistency shows that there are two different aspects that have to be taken into consideration: sexual enjoyment and overall sexual satisfaction. When asked about the first, women that used condoms, either alone or with hormonal contraception, were very likely to say that they feel a decrease in pleasure and even discomfort caused by the condom. Those that used other methods, such as birth control pills were very unlikely to link the pill to unsatisfaction.

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When talking about the second aspect, women that used both methods reported the highest level of sexual satisfaction (by far). It has to be said that unlike the first aspect, which refers strictly to the sexual act, this goes beyond the immediat sexual experience, including factors such as happiness, relationship satisfaction, comfort, etc.

“The public health community has paid little attention to women’s sexual experiences with contraceptive methods, especially condoms,” said Stephaine Sanders, associate director of The Kinsey Institute and a co-author of the study. “If women think condoms detract from sexual pleasure, they may be less inclined to use them consistently.”

So if I’m with someone that takes birth control pills, it would be even better for her if I used a condom?? Sounds weird, but definitely has to be given a shot.