With Solo: A Star Wars Story currently playing in movie theaters around the world, we decided a list of cool, quirky, but useful Star Wars themed products would be much appreciated by you, kind reader. So, let’s dive right in.

Chewbacca car seatbelt shoulder cover pad

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Ride like a Wookie with this fluffy, yet fashionable seatbelt pad. Not only does it look amazing and will have fellow Star Wars buffs turning their heads, the soft fur also makes it comfortable. Not natural fur!

Chewie furry hoodie sweatshirt

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While we’re at it, check out this fluffy hoodie that’s sure to keep you warm during those chilly days. Everyone loves Chewie — might as well be one! No Wookies were hurt while making this shirt — nor other critters.

NASA Death Star T-shirt

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Real science + fictional science fiction = love. I mean, just look at this amazing combo!

3D Illusion night lamp

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Emperor, your masterpiece is complete! 

Yes, I know your darkest secret: you’d like to know how it feels to be Palpatine for a day. I can’t show you the dark side overnight but this amazing lamp will light up a smile or two.

This lightsaber blender… 

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Mix your soups and smoothies with this amazing light saber-inspired immersion blender. It’s the perfect gift for the culinary-minded Star Wars fan.

Darth Vader cufflinks

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Pair these cool-looking cufflinks with a black tie and you’ll sense a disturbance in the force in the no time. Be careful with that choke grip…

Darth Vader Toaster

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It toasts bread, waffles, pastry, and rebel scum! Yum!

Darth Vader silicone rubber oven mitt

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Ok, this is the last one in the Darth Vader series, I promise. Just be careful not to lose a hand next time you’re baking.

Star Wars Monopoly

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Because you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Millenium Falcon cutting board

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This is one of a kind, rustic cutting board with an engraved as the Millennium Falcon! It is a gem of a gift for someone who loves cooking — and Star Wars.

Star Wars R2-D2 car charger

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Is your battery low? Don’t worry, R2-D2 is here to power you up everywhere you go!

A pair of Kylo Ren boots

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If you’re looking to cosplay as Kylo Ren or simply walk in style like a badass, these leather boots will get the job done.

Chop sabers

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Break the ice next dinner party with this pair of lightsaber chopsticks.

X-wing patent shirt

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The perfect gift for any nerd. Not only does it looks awesome, it also fits well and is a great conversation starter.

Jedi belt Obi-Wan Kenobi style

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This faux-leather belt includes the bare minimum required by any Jedi who’s worth his salt, padawan or master. Practical, yet also quite fashionable.


Disclaimer: Purchasing any of these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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