Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

The people onboard the International Space Station have been spoiling us with a lot of amazing pictures – and this one is no exception. Here, we see Africa embracing its northern neighbor, the Mediterranean sea. Reid Wiseman (which you can also follow on Twitter) often posts mind blowing pictures, like the ones above and below. All pictures taken from his Twitter, with his captions.

#EarthArt – a #volcano in #Africa is blown eastward over time.

Another slow shutter to capture the #atmosphere at night.

Breathtaking. The #Nile and the Red Sea meet the Mediterranean.


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Watching the #sunrise across planet #Earth – my favorite moments in space.

Wicked #thunderstorms surround #Galveston

Dams are everywhere and easy to spot from #space – this is along the #Nile

We just hurled 2 @ISS_Research #cubesats out of the #ISS like cannonballs.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora

This made me crave #pancakes

Do these little African #volcanoes seed North American hurricanes?