A team from ZME Science will attend the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP21. Here’s the official page of the event, the Wikipedia page, and the official Twitter (in French).

What does this mean?

We’ll be attending as many sessions as possible, to give you the latest updates on this potentially historic event. We’ll be listening to what world leaders have to say, what scientists and corporate representatives bring to the table – and share that all with you. We’ll also have live blogging, and you can follow everything we write about the COP21 on this page.

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Send us questions! Are you interested in something particular? Do you want to ask a question or voice a concern to someone that we can reach (i.e. not Obama)? Do it! Tweet at us, Facebook us, use the contact form – whatever works for you, just do it! We’ll reply as soon as we get the chance, and pass your questions and concerns on to the relevant people. Alternatively, you can contact us directly: Andrei, Tibi or Alex. If you tweet at us, be sure to use the #COP21 and #ZMEScience.

What can you do?

Considering that this event can be huge in limiting global greenhouse gas emissions, we’d like to promote this event as much as possible. Share it on Facebook, tell your friends, leave a comment, call your mom… anything! Together, we can make a difference, but we have to let people know what’s at stake.

Are you a publisher?

Do you want to share information about COP21 with your audience but can’t attend the summit? We’d love to help you too! Contact us for information and questions, and we’ll share what we have with you. If you want to re-publish our text or pictures, you are more than welcome to – just credit us as the original source.

Here’s to a cleaner planet!