Anthony Gibbons, a designer which specializes on sustainable materials and biomimicry developed some rad looking tree houses which seem to be taken straight from the elves’ forest home of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings!

The Roost (as its called) rises up above the forest floor with sleeping quarters, viewing platforms, and spiral stairs, fully usable; and yes, the trees are still developing naturally and are not hindered by the treehouses. Utilizing the principles of biomimicry, he not only imitated shapes you find in nature, but the design also camouflages and integrates the buildings into the forest landscape.

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The Roost Treehouse is made up of a series of pod-like capsules, which are harnessed to each tree in a way that neither harms the tree or prevents it from growing.

Just one of the capsules is directly connected to the ground, but all capsules have staircases that lead to small living areas. Each structure is designed to accommodate 2 people. Though these designs have not been built yet, all materials involved in the construction of the Roost Treehouse will be sustainably sourced and will do no harm to the environment.

Via Inhabitat.