Natural preservatives are more effective and healthy than artificial preservatives

It’s a win-win!

FDA says seriously, stop stealing your pets’ opioids

Apparently, this is a problem.

After a yearlong delay, FDA approves EpiPen generics

Not a second too soon.

Low-carb diets may be cutting years off your life, new study says

Low-carb diets endorsed by any celebrities might cause you to die earlier.

Scientists show how a mineral could be used to suck CO2 from the atmosphere

This could be big.

Ancient galaxies found in our cosmic neighborhood

The galaxies date from the so-called cosmic Dark Ages.

Tiny phytoplankton may be able to change the weather

Strength in numbers.

New pesticide found to be as harmful to bumblebees as used pesticides

We need a better solution.

Beautifully preserved 99-million-year-old beetle was early pollinator

Amber is an amazing time capsule.

Your lack of sleep might be the reason why you’re lonely

Get your good 8 hours of sleep, if you don’t like being lonely.

Nanoparticle treatment developed to scrub water clean of oil pollution

Nobody likes oil in their water.

Earth may have ‘mini-moons’ that could answer some interesting astronomy

The moon is Earth’s only permanent natural satellite, but it may be in the company of tiny asteroids trapped in the planet’s orbit.

DDT exposure in pregnant women linked to autism in offspring

Although the insecticide was banned decades ago, it still persists in the environment.

Korean supermarket wins at selling bananas

I need this in my life.

The right video game can help children develop empathy and better emotional control

The game is only being used for research purposes and is not available to the public, but has helped inform other games being submitted to the FDA for clinical applications.

Scientists unearth oldest pterosaur ever — perhaps the first flying vertebrate on Earth

Incredibly, this one lived in the desert, which is unheard of for a pterosaur.

The dirty link between deforestation, illegal fishing, and tax havens

Tax havens are even more problematic than we thought.

France trains birds to pick up the litter

It’s an interesting man-animal collaboration.

Unwise opioids for wisdom teeth

Opioids don’t really do any good here, and they might pave the way for an unwanted addiction.

Cannabis does reduce intestinal inflammation, and now we know why

Researchers hope the findings lead to a new class of drugs to help treat bowel diseases.