New process can make hydrogen fuel out of seawater without destroying the devices

This was a VERY real issue up to now.

Scientists grew a ‘mini brain’ in a dish that can make muscles twitch

The brain organoid was connected to a tiny spinal cord with surrounding muscle tissue.

Karen Uhlenbeck wins the “Nobel” of Mathematics — the first time the prize was won by a woman

You could hardly imagine a worthier recipient.

How to fight noise pollution (and why your headphones might be making you deaf)

More and more people are blasting loud music in their headphones to cancel out noise pollution — and that’s turning into a major problem.

Our ships carry invasive species, not just trade — and it is rapidly getting worse

Your package has arrived sir, it seems to be a pair of socks. The zebra mussel is on the house.

Ireland and Scotland made bog butter for three and a half millennia, new study reports

Bog what, now?

Ice ages may be caused by tectonic activity in the tropics, new study proposes

Pixar left this part out of Ice Age.

23-year-old Polish barber may have been Jack the Ripper, new DNA study suggests

This mystery is still far from being solved, though.

Mushrooms might help keep your brain healthy

Delicious and nutritious — mushrooms are good for your brain, new study suggests.

Spaceflight activates dormant viruses like herpes

Add herpes and other viruses to the long list of health problems associated with space flight.

Researchers develop way to trap and study bacteria so we can fight disease and antibiotic resistance

Shhh! I’m hunting bactewwia!

New research identifies the ‘taste center’ of our brains


This is Opportunity last view from Mars

NASA just released an amazing 360-degree panorama from the final resting place of the Opportunity rover.

Ancestral shift in diet may have changed human speech as well

Softer food gave humans an overbite that made it easier to produce “v” and “f” sounds.

Fossil Friday: Newly-found fossil teeth solve ancient monkey mystery

Take a bite out of this story.

Movies can be used to get people to help in anti-corruption efforts

Who said movies never teach you anything?

Scientists discover 83 Quasars from the early universe

Talk about a massive find!

Want to combat scientific disinformation? Here’s how

We all have this problem. Here’s how to combat it.

New research plans to keep drones in the air longer by giving them the ability to land

It’s always good to take a breather!

Scientists find out waterfalls can carve themselves — and this might rewrite geology books

Waterfall formation could be far more complex than scientists previously thought.