This startup plans to end rhino poaching by counterfeiting illegal goods — and it could work

3D printed fake horns could drive the poachers out of a job.

No, seismologists aren’t really predicting dramatic earthquakes for 2018 — it’s a single hypothesis from one study, not a fact

When all we’re after is catchy headlines, science often falls in the background.

Big Tobacco will run anti-smoking ads, one decade after court order

Anti-tobacco advocates are furious the delay will make the campaign less effective.

Cigar-shaped asteroid is the first interstellar object we’ve seen in the solar system

A strange visitor from interstellar space came to visit. It might teach us a thing or two about the universe.

New AI tells masterpieces from forgeries by only looking at brush strokes

How long until someone will train an AI to trick this AI?

Huge extinct sea cow found beneath Russian beach

It used to be a gentle beast which tragically succumbed to human overhunting.

Teens are having sex sooner (and raunchier) than ever before — but sex education isn’t keeping up

Teens are spicing things up more than they used to.

Tesla’s new Semi is an electrical monster, but can it really deliver?

This could be a game changer.

NASA reinvents the wheel with new, ‘chainmail’ tire design

Finally, no more flat tires!

A Chinese AI passed the national medical licensing exam, so technically it’s a doctor

Move over, WebMD.

These sharks thrive in a real-life underwater volcano

Yes, these sharks live inside a volcano.

Neandethals in Spain outlived their kin by thousands of years thanks to a big river and an Italian volcano

The research suggests that human interbreeding was more of a ‘step-by-step’ event.

Pregnant women urged to sleep on side to lower risk of stillbirth

Sleeping on the back in the third trimester doubles the risk of stillbirth.

Male prairie voles that drink alcohol ruin their relationships

They are a model for human alcoholism and relationships.

New US tax bill would pile more taxes on PhD students

Not a promising sign for research in the states.

How much you’d pay for something depends on what prices you’ve seen recently

Well, that and how broke you are.

There’s an abundance of antimatter in our atmosphere, and dark matter decay might be to blame

The mystery deepens.

Huge treasure of medieval silver and gold unearthed at the Cluny Abbey, France

Somebody was absolutely minted back in medieval France!

The secret behind what makes a song happy

Hint: pay attention to the chords.

Trump Administration reverses ban on African ivory

Even when you’d think he couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, there he is, defying all odds.