Largest pterosaur jaw ever found, recognized three decades after discovery in Transylvania

What’s with the long face?

International health coalition pledges up to $25 million for Nipah vaccine

Nipah has been claiming a lot of lives this week. The world is trying to make sure it won’t claim more.

Scientists observe ‘black widow’ pulsar in unprecedented resolution

A rapidly rotating star is consuming a helpless brown dwarf, and scientists are recording the event in excruciating detail.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island to build new offshore wind farms totaling 1.2GW

As developments in Europe drive down installation costs, the US is eager to get clean energy.

Radar reveals impressive canyons under Antarctic ice

They’re big, and until now, they remained hidden

How the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs spared the birds — ironically, because they couldn’t fly

Most birds could fly by that time — but it was the ones that couldn’t that survived.

Hot cars left in the sun reach temperatures deadly to infants in under an hour

Don’t judge. Forgetting about babies in the car could happen to anyone.

For banded mongooses, ‘cultural inheritance’ decides what’s for dinner

Cultural preference is not unique to humans, and might be much more common than we once thought it to be.

Early mammal fossil shows how the Pangaea supercontinent split up

Talk about a groundbreaking discovery.

Pluto might have been formed by a billion comets

Pluto just got weirder.

France is being invaded by giant, predatory worms

They’re big, they’re slimy, and they’re invasive.

NOAA’s newest, most sophisticated satellite can’t keep itself cool enough to work properly

Fingers crossed that the NOAA guys can remotely fix their flagship satellite.

Curiosity Rover is back to drilling Martian rocks — and this is really important

NASA engineers had to invent a new clever technique.

What makes us feel well in society? Diversity, healthcare, and public transit

The results directly contradict many current policies of the US.

Rice is losing its nutritional value due to rising CO2 levels

Rice is losing proteins, vitamins, and minerals due to rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

Why do humans have such big brains?

The results of a new study are quite surprising.

Climate change is making urban animals smaller, new study finds

Climate change has dangerous and often unforeseeable consequences.

Never skip leg day: study finds hind leg inactivity causes neurological problems in mice

Physical exercise is critical to brain health.

Help win the war (for our planet) by planting a Climate Victory Garden

Fighting climate change is as easy as growing some food!

Don’t drag your feet with renewables: earlier switch saves money in the long run

Last one at the finish pays the bill!