New method preserves vaccines without refrigeration

Vaccines stored in thin sheets of sugar survived for months exposed to temperatures of 40°C.

Researchers create fuel from water, CO2, and artificial photosynthesis

The technology isn’t yet ready for the market — but it’s not far off, either.

Climate warming is definitely, for sure, no doubt about it, our fault, says new study

More like “yet another new study.”

Farmers actually work more than hunter-gatherers, have less leisure time

Toil all day, very little pay.

Scientists pinpoint China as major source of banned ozone-depleting chemicals

A mysterious and alarming uptick in dangerous chlorine-based chemicals has been tracked down to eastern China.

The first fungi may be a billion years old

Extraordinary microfossils found in Canada could reshape our understanding of life.

Medicinal plants used in the Civil War can stomp our modern antibiotic-resistant germs

Old tricks, new ways to implement them.

When faced with high gravity, cells get “thicker skin” by strengthening their membranes

Unlike humans, who seem to develop it under pressure.

This AI sounds just like Joe Rogan — and the possibilities are disturbing

Impressive and scary at the same time. Brace yourself for a new era of fraud.

Polyamorous relationships may be more fullfilling than monogamous ones (for a time at least)

The best of both worlds — but is it that simple?

Why people are so easily convinced by high-class, yet incompetent people

The problem is that most people confuse overconfidence with competence.

Solar wind plus moon soil plus meteorite impacts create water on the Moon, researchers report

Can’t the Moon just go to the tap like the rest of us?

Ravens can transmit negative emotions from one another, just like humans

Ravens can get emotionally down from contact with other ‘moody’ ravens.

Chernobyl has turned into a thriving habitat for hundreds of species

The environmental pressure generated by humans is larger than a nuclear explosion — a revealing vision of the type of impact we’re having on the world.

Bonobo mothers help their sons get dates — it makes them 3x as likely to become fathers

Just let me get Tinder like everybody else, Mom. Sheesh.

Scientists find red coloring for the first time in a 3-million-year-old ‘mighty mouse’ fossil

A tiny red mouse is helping scientists uncover the coloring of long-extinct animals.

It’s official: soda tax offers “net good” to society

It really works.

Researchers produce the loudest sound in the world inside tiny jets of water

Researchers in the US have produced sounds that dwarf those generated during rocket launches — all inside tiny jets of water.

Pluto’s ocean might be held in place by a thin layer of gas

Comfortably insulated.

Babies born on Mars could diverge from Earthlings within a couple of generations

Mars is a strange place and any humans born there are bound to look radically different.