This is the best photo of Neptune we have so far, and it looks amazing

Color me impressed!

Welcome to the Meghalayan Age — you’re living in it

Geologists used climatic changes to define the new period — but not everyone agrees.

Scientists design ‘Pokéball’ that safely captures even the most delicate underwater creatures

Gotta catch em all!

Hybrid device harvests both ambient mechanical and magnetic energy

Ambient energy is all around us — physicists are proposing a novel way to tap it.

Bill Gates and other philantropists invest $30 million to boost early Alzheimer’s detection

A much needed boost in the research of early-stage Alzheimer’s.

Twelve new moons discovered around Jupiter, pointing to a violent past

Jupiter can boast the most moons in the Solar System.

Why smoking weed gives you the munchies — blame your hormones

Scientists figure out why weed gives you the munchies.

New melanoma blood test could be a game changer for early detection

Next up — clinical trials.

Every point of light in this photo is a galaxy

Kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

There may be a quadrillion tons of diamond in the Earth’s depths — but we’ll never mine it

There’s more diamonds than you can imagine.

Oldest bread found in Jordan predates agriculture by 4,000 years

It took great determination for the first hunter-gathers to set off the agricultural revolution — but the bread helped.

It takes just six minutes for a dog to die in a hot car

Never leave a dog in a hot car.

Brown University becomes latest college to drop SAT and ACT essay application

They were the last Ivy League university which still had this requirement.

German banking giant is using AI to write its earnings reports

Previously, the same technology was used to write quick reports on soccer matches or political events such as elections. 

Most advanced air quality satellite releases first open data to the public

We all deserve to breathe cleaner air — this is where this mission comes in.

Here are the most charismatic 20 animals — according to new science

Here are the results of the animal popularity contest.

Color X-Ray imaging is just around the corner — and we have the photos to prove it

It will make X-rays invaluable in fields it had no place in previously.

Unusual heat waves in Britain are revealing traces of ancient civilisations

Heat is bringing out ancient features.

3 out of 4 black adults have cardiovascular problems by the age of 55

The best thing to do is to stick to a healthy diet and be physically active.

Rats are devastating coral reefs — but there’s also some good news

This could be a game changer for protecting some coral reefs.