Inspired by a Japanese basket, physicists create new metal with peculiar properties

Kagome is a popular style element in Japanese basket-making characterized by a symmetrical pattern of interlaced triangles.

Termite royalty wear chemical crowns to bedazzle their subjects

Bow down, plebs.

What’s up with Steve: A new kind of aurora demystified by scientists

Meet a shimmering purple ribbon of plasma called Steve.

Supermassive black hole sends radio echoes of its stellar dinner

Another discovery that cements black holes’ fundamental role in the evolution of the universe.

Human-secreted malaria antibody could usher in an effective, long-term treatment

Not one day too soon!

This century, glaciers will bleed — the fight is on to save what’s left of them in 100 years

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Students draw more female scientists than they did fifty years ago

Science is also a “woman’s” job.

Most Americans aren’t really healthy, study finds

Unfortunately… not so many good news this time.

Scientists engineer new life form with mixed Bacteria and Archaea membrane

This is essentially a new life form with both modern and ‘primordial’ traits.

LSD blurs the line between our own sense of self and others

This knowledge could be used to improve social interactions in patients with mental disorders.

Scientists write molecular cookbook for our gut bacteria

It’s a whole new type of cookbook.

As cities grow, we must bring the forest into our midst — or pay up

I, for one, welcome our new sylvan neighbors.

AI spots thousands of craters on the Moon — including over 6,000 previously undiscovered ones

The AIs are getting better and better.

The health risks of second-hand marijuana smoke shouldn’t be ignored

Marijuana smoke is still smoke — and it might clog arteries just as bad as tobacco.

Scientists give wine waste a second life by reusing antioxidants

A way to produce natural antioxidants.

Volcano eruption might have pushed Iceland towards Christianity

A mythical song of gods and volcanoes.

Kepler — the spacecraft that discovered thousands of alien worlds — is running on its last drops of fuel

It will have time to find just a couple more candidate exoplanets.

Men with heightened prefrontal cortex activity are less likely to cheat

Willpower is important for staying committed to a relationship.

Half a degree (C) more global warming would leave 5 million people homeless

Even if the goals set in Paris are met — this doesn’t look very good.

New method developed to stop bacteria from sharing antibiotic resistance genes

No multiplayer-evolution any longer, pleasethankyou!