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Scientists figure out why weed gives you the munchies.

Couples who eat more seafood really do have more sex

Bon Appétit!

Scientists warn of the risks of normalizing obesity

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Coffee consumption might actually protect your heart, new study concludes

Good news, everyone!

Earliest evidence of beer brewing in Scandinavia hails from the Iron Age

What would civilization be without beer? A depressing experience, that’s what.

16:8 fasting diet might help obese people lose weight

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Show people the dangers of sugary beverages and they’ll pick healthier options

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CRISPR gene editing might cause cancer — but scientists say we shouldn’t panic

Scientists say that media reactions so far have been exaggerated.

Children in England are simply eating too much sugar

Put the cake down, Karen. Have an apple instead.

Why we can’t resist donuts — our brain is wired to love fats and carbs together

The only natural food high both in carbs and food is breast milk.

“Surgery in a pill” mimics weight loss benefits of gastric band or bypass surgery

The amazing treatment could help thousands battling obesity and diabetes.

Prescribing fruits and veggies to children has lasting positive effects

What do you think about this idea?

American toddlers are consuming more added sugar than the recommended daily intake for adults

Parents should add fresh fruits and vegetables to their kids’ diets instead.

New study shows what being “hangry” really means

Hunger + Anger = Hanger. Which is not pleasant for anyone.

A flurry of new studies finds being a vegetarian is good for you

Convince me otherwise!

Study weighs environmental costs of producing animal proteins so you know what to buy

Now you know exactly what your purchases do.

Office food might be making you fat and unhealthy, large study concludes

“Our results suggest that the foods people get from work do not align well with the recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” the authors note.

Mangoes may improve your cardiovascular and gut health, new study shows

When the doctors say you should eat delicious fruit… you probably should.

How Millennials are changing the face of the food industry

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