Fish oil doesn’t really do anything, new study suggests

Researchers say the chance of getting any meaningful benefit from taking omega-3 is one in 1,000.

Coffee or tea? The answer might lie in your genes

So, which one is your favorite?

You burn more calories in the afternoon than in the morning

A story about metabolism, circadian rhythms, and calories.

Woodland hawks flock to cities, research reveals. Other wildlife is doing the same

For hawks, the secret is out: The big city has a lot of food to offer.

Novel approach to identifying flavor molecules poised to make fermented goods even more delicious

Taste trumps all!

Scientists find natural combo to keep pastries looking delicious for a long time

Two of my favorite things combined: pastry and science.

Energy drinks have a profound effect on our blood vessels, new research shows

How can people drink this stuff in the first place is beyond me.

Immigrating drastically changes people’s microbiome

It changes very fast.

Veganism can improve mental health and reduce diabetes risk factors

Don’t throw your dairy away just yet, though.

Veterinary community releases tips and tricks on how to properly feed your cat

If you own a cat, this is the paper for you.

This Halloween, do the right thing — fight food waste and eat your pumpkin

Billions of pounds of pumpkin will end up in the landfill, not on a plate.

It’s high time we moved past BMI — meet the metabolome

When it comes to obesity we need all the help we can get — and better tests are sure welcome.

England’s youth are drinking less and less — and some have never had a drink

I didn’t know you were allowed to do this in the UK.

3,500-year-old spiced latte? Archaeologists report earliest known usage of nutmeg

The spice gives an exciting insight into an old civlization.

Mediterranean diet can help fight depression, new study suggests

Healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind.

U.S. researchers poised to level-up wheat’s nutritive value by making it absorb minerals

You’ve heard of Iron Man, now get ready for Iron Wheat.

Being hungry really does sour your mood, research reveals

Turns out “I’m hangry” is a legitimate excuse after all.

Cheap nano-filter scrubs toxic metals from polluted water

A small device to tackle a huge problem.

Most supermarket yogurt products contain too much sugar, new study warns

Do you like sweet yogurt? You might want to read this.

Worse foods cause higher rates of cancer, new study concludes

The connection between nutrition and the risk of cancer remains a complex and intricate topic.