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Win-Win: Eat healthy for yourself but also for the environment

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Swedish company builds food-laden ‘Plantscaper’ to feed the cities of the future

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Tofu waste is transformed into a new alcoholic beverage called Sachi

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Cinnamon burns fat cells, but don’t start chugging cinnarolls just yet

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Finland baker launches bread made almost entirely of crickets

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The sugar industry knew about negative health effects, but swept them under the rug

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Mushrooms are ‘the richest source’ of two antioxidants which fight age-related diseases

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Putting bacteria-targeting-viruses into food packaging could keep food from spreading illnesses such as Salmonella poisoning

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Eating at night is really bad for you, new science reports

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Stop claiming marijuana cures cancer — FDA warns against unproven claims

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How to wash your apples to eliminate pesticides — according to science

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Childhood obesity has grown by 1,000% worldwide in the last 40 years

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High-potassium foods like bananas and avocados can stave off strokes and heart attacks, new study finds

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New York mice are actively evolving into a new species: city mice

Soon they’ll carry little smartphones around. I hope.