Mice will pick social rules over might-makes-right, hinting at the birth of human societies and laws

The basis of any civilized society.

The UN COP23 starts today — Why this matters, and what you need to know

This could have a big impact on our lives.

Trump negotiators brand coal as the solution for the climate crisis at UN conference

It would be funny if it wouldn’t be sad.

New EPA advisor believes air is “a little too clean for optimum health”

Unfortunately, it seems like this administration is hellbent on making the EPA an anti-scientific, destructive organization.

US report says climate change is happening, but US leaders disagrees

It’s almost like the current government is building its own alternate reality.

NASA data shows climate change is threatening more glaciers than we thought

Ice might be melting much faster than we thought.

Ozone hole at its slimmest after 30 years of international effort, keeps shrinking

The warmer temperatures seen in latter years helped keep its size in check.

Greenhouse gas emissions have already peaked in 49 countries, but it’s still not good news

This is no time to pat ourselves on the back, researchers warn.

Young bats learn different dialects from their nest mates

A difference in vocalization in bat ‘dialects’ is akin to the difference between London accent and, say, a Scottish accent.

Scientists discover third Orangutan species. It’s already threatened with extinction

We just enlarged the great ape family. But there’s also bad news.

Forests are increasingly patchy and fragmented — which is bad news for the species living there

There aren’t many things that can substitute a deep, thick forest.

A hidden shortage: why the world is running low on sand

There’s not nearly as much as you think.

Do fish have feelings? Intriguing new study suggests so

Not only do fish have feelings, but this ability might have evolved hundreds of millions of years ago.

There hasn’t been this much CO2 in the air in 3 million years. We have to stop, UN warns


The science behind the different colours of autumn leaves

What makes the rainbow of colours?

Rare trees safeguard biodiveristy, new research finds

Nature meets computer models.

Canada geese flock to cities to escape hunters

This is good for the geese, but can be nasty for the locals.

We now have proof that conservation funding works

We have no reason not to invest in saving the other species in the world.

Unless coal is phased out by 2050, Antarctica’s melting ice sheet could drive a massive surge in sea level rise

Some countries are already planning to phase out coal by 2030 but it’s not enough.

Paris will get its own ‘vertical forest’ which will add one hectare of trees

Two thousand trees, shrubs, and other plants will cover the wooden facade of a 54-meter-tall tower.