What is climate, why it’s not weather, and why it matters

Everything you wanted to know about climate. No — really.

It will be illegal to boil lobsters alive in Switzerland

The new laws come in light of overwhelming evidence suggesting crustaceans can sense pain.

Global warming is causing the largest sea turtle populations to turn female

This is a huge problem for sea turtles.

Bullfinches mate for life, researchers confirm

A new study confirms what was long-time assumed about bullfinches — they keep the same partner throughout their lives. 

Firehawks: In Australia, birds of prey are intentionally setting the forests on fire

There’s a new arsonist in town — one with wings instead of hands.

Giant, ancient bat discovered in New Zealand could walk on all fours

The extinct species offers a glimpse into New Zealand’s long-lost mammal fauna.

Black really is the sexiest color — at least if you’re a paradise bird

Talk about an advanced pick-up technique!

Scientists turn to the troubled streets of Gotham to understand community resilience

The city’s imaginary but the science is very real.

Oil and gas noise pollution hinders bird reproduction

Oil machinery stresses birds, leading to fewer eggs and weaker hatchlings.

The world’s oldest bird is a proud mama yet again

She’s 67 years old.

Melting ice is causing the ocean to sink, worrying new study reports

Scientists have identified yet another unexpected consequence of climate change.

The death knell already sounded for coral reefs, it’s time to save anything we can

The oceans will be the less without them.

NASA finds first direct proof that Ozone hole is recovering following chemical ban

Sometimes, international collaboration can do wonders!

Unlike humans, bonobos prefer jerks

Bonobos are surprisingly human-like, but this is where things start to diverge.

No, chocolate isn’t going extinct in 40 years — but we are set for a crisis

Things are bad, but they’re not this bad.

This amazing rainbow peacock spider might inspire the optical technology of tomorrow

This cute fellow has unique nanoscale structures that break light like a prism.

Speed breeding LED technique grows food six times faster than conventional farming

A welcomed solution to our growing food problems.

Vets caution dog owners about chocolate poisoning spike around Christmas

Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs.

Snake fungal disease could be a global threat, much bigger than we thought

“This really is the worst-case scenario,” said one scientist.

The earliest life forms could be these 3.5-billion-year-old microbes

The amazing discovery suggests that alien life might actually be common.