How a stork landed researchers a $2,700 phone bill

It was a hell of a long-distance call.

Indiana’s health officials warn of West Nile virus spotted in mosquitoes in Elkhart, Carroll County

There’s no need to panic, no human cases have yet been reported.

New Caledonian crows can make tools from memory

The study suggests the crows learn by cultural transmission.

UNESCO takes the Belize Barrier Reef off the endangered sites list thanks to conservation efforts

Good news regarding corals are very rare these days.

Barents Sea just crossed a climate tipping point — and we watched it happen

We’ve changed the sea.

Embracing Sustainability in the Business World

Sustainability is a buzzword that’s thrown around a lot when it comes to being environmentally friendly, but it’s often overlooked in the business world.

Urban ‘forests’ can store almost as much carbon as tropical rainforests

We should appreciate what we have — and I mean trees.

The coldest temperature on Earth has been updated — and it’s ungodly low

Scientists say it can’t colder than this new record of minus 98 degrees Celsius.

Haven’t read a book lately? Blame Netflix, researchers say

However, people who do read books are reading much more than before.

The first case of chronic wasting disease suspected in Jackson County

Although the case was not yet confirmed, deer farms in the area have already been notified to take extra precautions.

West Antarctic bedrock is rising surprisingly fast — and this may slow down ice melt

Some rare good news.

The U.S. oil and gas industry is leaking a lot of methane — again

The emissions total around 13 million metric tons.

Six new spider species discovered, named after children’s tales goblins

Spiders, goblins, and brownies.

Falling battery cost might push wind and solar to 50% of global energy generation by 2050

Renewable energy is set to power the future.

Reforestation efforts bring back hundreds of species to China

Plant a tree and species will come back to thee.

Climate change will become the leading cause of vertebrate-species loss by 2070

Things are heating up.

London’s Square Mile to use 100% renewable energy by October

A step in the right direction.

Japanese fans clean up stadium after World Cup game

We interrupt our regular science broadcast for some wholesome news.

Sea urchins lack eyes — so they see with their feet

They don’t see too well, but it’s not bad given the circumstances.

Ikea will ditch single-use plastics by 2020

The global retailer with 363 stores wants its customers to live more sustainably.