Silently, Portugal just produced 100% of its electricity from renewables for a whole month

Good news from Portugal!

The number of ocean heatwaves has risen more than 50% since 1925, threatening to collapse marine ecosystems

These are not the waves we’re looking for.

Flint’s water is deemed safe, Michigan Governor determined to end free bottled water service

Science says the water is safe to drink. The locals aren’t convinced.

The Yangtze river porpoise, unique for living in freshwater, has special genetic adaptations

The purpoise of the study was to learn more about the genetics of this unique cetacean.

The richest 1% people could own 64% of all wealth by 2030

It’s not something most people will be happy to learn.

Puffins have beaks that glow in UV light to bedazzle mates

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll glow my beak around!”

Human drugs could help cure the transmissible cancer that is wiping out Tasmanian devils

Good news for the little devils!

97% consensus on climate change? More like 99.94%, study finds

The science is pretty much settled on this one.

Beluga whales value culture and family ties

Whales are stunningly complex.

The unique types of ecosystems in the world

We have an amazing amount of diversity on Earth!

A hundred years later, Captain Scott’s Discovery expedition can offer important climate change insights

Century-old samples might teach us something new about climate change.

“Bowhead [whales] are jazz,” says researcher astonished by the diversity of their songs

They recorded 184 different songs from a population of about 300 individuals.

Shrimp-inspired camera leads to new underwater GPS

The novel camera help researchers devise a novel underwater GPS method.

Efforts to fight plastic pollution are working: Fewer plastic bags found around UK waters

Taxing plastic bags or coffee cups works — and the rest of the world should follow suit.

Scientists use astronomy software to protect endangered creatures from poachers

Drones are hot on the poachers’ hot traces.

Antarctic ice sheet is melting underwater, and this is a big problem

A surprise lurking below the surface.

Cyprian dolphins resort to chewing through fishing nets due to overfishing

We’re not giving them any other option.

Bats are migrating earlier due to climate change, and this could spell trouble for our crops

Bats provide more than $22 billion of indirect value to farmers by controlling pests. When bats fall, so does our food.

Paris Climate Agreement 1.5˚C goals would help keep the Arctic icy

Otherwise, we can expect an ice-free Arctic.

Study analyzes the environmental impact of chocolate production — and it’s not pretty

No one’s saying you shouldn’t eat chocolate, but at least you should be aware of its impact.