Miami dredging caused “extensive coral mortality and critical habitat loss” for the US’ only continental reef

It’s nothing short of a tragedy.

Researchers make chicken cells resist bird flu by snipping out a tiny bit of their DNA

There’s still a long way to go before we have a full chicken, though.

Lobbying against climate action costs billions in expected damage, study says

It’s the first study that quantified the effects of lobbying on climate change policy.

Number of fishing vessels doubles while fish stocks crumble

There is fewer fish in the ocean — and we’re sending more ships to catch them than ever.

Sea sponges can act like surveillance cameras for the oceans

Call it underwater CCTV.

Agrochemicals harm bees even at ‘safe’ levels, and collapse whole colonies

We should bee more concerned about their health.

Invasive flowering species might overpower native ones because of warming climates

We flower in peace!

Genetically modified fungus wipes out 99% of malaria-carrying mosquitoes

A genetically modified organism could help mankind eradicate malaria.

Massive puffin die-off in the Bering Sea likely due to climate change, study reports

Noooo, not the puffins!

The governments of 187 countries agreed to limit international plastic movement — but the US is not among them

It’s good news, with a bad twist.

New method of CO2 capture is cheaper, more effective, and “a key step toward closing the carbon loop”

This process might finally allow for commercially-viable CO2 recycling.

Chimps also love to eat crabs, new study shows

This isn’t the only thing that surprised researchers.

Research uncovered new, surprising melting patterns beneath the Ice Ross Shelf

Sometimes, you just have to look at individual trees to understand the forest.

Many of the world’s waterways exceed safe levels of antibiotic substances — by a lot

Basically, this is boot camp for training antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

A hotter Arctic means more extreme weather elsewhere on the globe

This helps us understand how climate change can cause more extreme weather — both hot and cold.

Elephant poaching is going down, but we need more action

It’s good news, just not *very* good news.

New law would require all Phillipino students to plant 10 trees to graduate

What do you think about this idea?

Tortoises divorce after 115 years together

A love story comes to an end.

Scientists in India find new type of viper — and it looks stunning

A beautiful snake of which we know very little.

African green monkeys howling at drones teach us about the evolution of language

Before there was the word, there was the meaning of sound.