Great white sharks found to flee from orcas

The king of the seas has something to be afraid of.

Rodents race around cage in NASA microgravity experiment

That looks like a lot of fun!

How the snailfish survives more than 6 km beneath the surface

This could help us understand how creatures can survive in the crushing and frigid depths of the oceans.

Why do pets like pats?

I mean… ’cause they’re awesome.

Rare wolves are two unique species — and this fact might save them both

The new study might end up saving both species.

Over 13 tons of pangolin scales have been seized in a single bust in Singapore

We need to save the pangolins — and this is the first step.

Primate males with more ornamentation seem to have smaller testes, a new study finds

Don’t judge a book by its cover; nor an orangutan by his cheek flanges.

Different personalities help species face and adapt to threats, environmental changes

Divided we stand!

Cats know their names as well as dogs — they just don’t bother showing it

Even though it might not show it, cats are just as loving and caring as dogs. Probably.

Here’s how Skrillex’s music could help fight Zika and dengue fever

Dubstep seems to entertain mosquitoes, which become less interested in feeding on humans or having sex.

How Colony Collapse Disorder Affects Honeybees and Humans

Between 30 percent and 90 percent of honeybee hives disappeared virtually overnight.

An amphibian fungus has caused the worst mass extinction in recent history

This gruesome fungus has infected 6.5% of all known amphibians — and it’s incredibly scary.

Britain is going through a “widespread loss” of pollinating insects, study reports

Not good!

Largest T. rex skeleton ever found lived in Canada up to its early 30s

It was probably really polite and liked hockey, too.

Queen bumblebees take long breaks in the grass after hibernating

Researchers say that you should help queen bees if you see them exhausted on the ground, by providing a teaspoon of sugary water.

Our ships carry invasive species, not just trade — and it is rapidly getting worse

Your package has arrived sir, it seems to be a pair of socks. The zebra mussel is on the house.

Fossil Friday: Newly-found fossil teeth solve ancient monkey mystery

Take a bite out of this story.

The amazing Lyrebird can not only mimic other birds, but also chainsaws, theme songs, and car alarms — anything, basically

Meet the incredible lyrebird from Australia. And you thought parrots were cool….

Human interference is destroying chimpanzee culture, a new paper reports

Culture shock squared.

How blue whales use their memory to find food

The world’s largest creatures sure have a big appetite — and they have the brains to support it.