Scientists find oldest evidence of animal life in 660-million-year-old biomarkers

Ancient sponges were among the first animals that scientists have been able to identify.

Extinct giant flying squirrel sheds light on the evolution of the gliding rodents

The airborne mammals split from their tree clinging cousins much earlier than thought.

Small Somalian cavefish hints at mammals’ nocturnal ancestor

Things start to change when you’ve been living in the dark for millions of years.

Bees completely stopped flying during the 2017 total solar eclipse

Who took the lights out?

Underwater volcano found off Australian coast may act as superhighway for whales

The chain of seamounts is brimming with underwater life.

Monkeys and wolves forge alliance that resembles domestication done by humans

In Ethiopia’s grasslands, huge herds of gelada monkeys might be in the process of domesticating wolves.

Think cats are good at keeping rats away? Think again

It’s not about the fight, it’s about what leads to the fight.

How the African elephant’s cracked skin keeps it cool

Faced with the hot and dry savannah, the African elephant evolved a creative solution.

Half of world’s killer whales could disappear in next 30 years due to toxic pollutant

PCBs have been banned almost two decades ago but their effects are still widely felt by the iconic orcas.

Scientists discover new hummingbird species and it’s almost extinct already

A remarkable finding, already highly vulnerable.

These termites don’t need males, thank you very much

Female power!

Unlike your vacuum, the manta ray never clogs — and it might inspire microplastic filters

No other animal has the same ability.

Fossil fats reveal the ‘oldest macroscopic animal’ that lived 558 million years ago

Hey, grandpa!

DNA sequencing might help finally link smugglers to ivory shipments

There are not many people I dislike as intensely as ivory poachers.

Most people hate wasps — but they deserve to be loved just as much as bees

Wasps are actually useful.

Biologists discover new bird species in Africa — and it’s already in trouble

There’s some good news, but also a lot of bad news.

Honeybee clusters act as ‘super-organisms’ to keep everyone safe during bad weather

Intelligent behavior emerging from a group of relatively unintelligent organisms.

Otters can use paws and whiskers as accurate sensors

Not ony are they very precise, but they’re also very decisive.

How the dragonfly got its wing patterns

Dragonflies have been around for 200 million years, long before humans stepped in. They also feature intricate wing patterns, which humans are now studying using an algorithm.

Amazingly well-preserved Ice Age wolf pup found in Canada

The miner who found it thought it was a dog.