The first case of chronic wasting disease suspected in Jackson County

Although the case was not yet confirmed, deer farms in the area have already been notified to take extra precautions.

Six new spider species discovered, named after children’s tales goblins

Spiders, goblins, and brownies.

Reforestation efforts bring back hundreds of species to China

Plant a tree and species will come back to thee.

Sea urchins lack eyes — so they see with their feet

They don’t see too well, but it’s not bad given the circumstances.

Flying spiders sense the weather and use nanoscale fibers to ride the wind

Spiders ride the wind!

Insecticides and low floral diversity are driving bumblebees into the ground

Each year, queens have to re-establish their colonies. Human activity, however, is making it very hard for them to do so.

Platypus hormone could be useful in treating type 2 diabetes

The unique critters also have a special hormone.

A 99-million-year-old amber fossil preserved the earliest frog from tropical forests

Very rare insight into the ancient lives of frogs.

Microhabitat management may be the key to happy, neighborly bears

How to live harmoniously — the bear version.

One of the world’s rarest mammals is disappearing from folklore

The rarest ape in the world is slowly becoming forgotten.

Old fish don’t want to swim deep — but we’re fishing them all out of shallow waters

What we thought is a natural law is probably ‘just’ impending ecological breakdown.

Bees can understand the concept of zero

Nothing is something, and bees know that well.

Whale sharks are very picky about where they live, which could be bad for their survival

They are only found at about 10 locations in the world.

Australian skinks will literally stick their tongues out at predators — and it works!


Dogs like fatty food but cats prefer carbs

The findings could improve pet food.

Dolphins, otters, and seals killed and used as bait in global fisheries

It’s an undocumented practice — we don’t know how widespread and widely used it is.

From insects to whales, all sorts of animals take turns to communicate

When one utters, the other listens — and such is the case in most animals too.

Invasive toxic toads could trigger an ecological disaster in Madagascar

It’s an ecological time bomb.

There are huge differences in how animals see the world — we’re among the crisp-eyed

Enjoy the world in HD.

Aggressive guppies turn their eyes black to warn other fish

Watch out!