Researchers look into reviving bleached corals using ‘non-preferred’ algal symbiotes

“We want to know if it’s possible that more heat tolerant, non-preferred algae could revive bleached coral communities even if the relationship is less efficient,” the authors say.

Researchers develop very powerful but reversible glue — kind of like snail slime

If it’s icky but it works….

How a unique facial muscle makes those ‘puppy dog eyes’ irresistible to humans

Over the course of generations, humans have selected dogs that were better at communicating their feelings.

The naked mole-rat is impervious to pain and cancer, and lives ten times longer than it should — what can we learn from it?

The naked mole-rat is perhaps one of the most bizarre beasts on the planet.

Birds also prefer fancier neighborhoods — as long as there’s enough green space

The “luxury effect” also propagates across animals.

Skinny seals and hungry cod point to trouble in the Baltic Sea

They’re running out of food — and climate change seems to be involved.

Dolphins can form long bonds over shared interests

Yet another testament to how smart and socially advanced dolphins are.

Researchers find salamander-eating plants in Canadian provincial park

Shouldn’t it go the other way around?

Meet the fish that can hold its breath underwater

A deep-sea creature is the first fish that we know of that holds its breath underwater.

Dogs mirror owners’ stress levels, new study says

Dogs are deeply empathetic creatures.

New threat looms for snow leopards: infection

As if snow leopards didn’t have enough to deal with.

Honey bee colonies dropped by 16% worldwide in the winter of 2017-18

Out of the 544,879 colonies these beekeepers managed, 89,124 were lost over the winter of 2017-18.

Working landscapes can be used for species conservation alongside economic activities

Forest patches are opportunities to conserve wildlife

Researchers make chicken cells resist bird flu by snipping out a tiny bit of their DNA

There’s still a long way to go before we have a full chicken, though.

Agrochemicals harm bees even at ‘safe’ levels, and collapse whole colonies

We should bee more concerned about their health.

Genetically modified fungus wipes out 99% of malaria-carrying mosquitoes

A genetically modified organism could help mankind eradicate malaria.

Massive puffin die-off in the Bering Sea likely due to climate change, study reports

Noooo, not the puffins!

Chimps also love to eat crabs, new study shows

This isn’t the only thing that surprised researchers.

Elephant poaching is going down, but we need more action

It’s good news, just not *very* good news.

Tortoises divorce after 115 years together

A love story comes to an end.