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Scientists discover another layer in the Earth’s mantle

earth mantle layer

Most people tend to think of the Earth in terms of crust, mantle and core, and while those are indeed the largest “layers” (you can’t properly call the mantle a layer though), each one of them is made from other, thinner layers. Now, researchers from the University of Utah have identified another one of these thinner layers, 930 miles beneath our feet.

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Car-sized Salamander roamed Portugal 230 million years ago


Paleontologists have found the remains of a “super salamander” – a previously unknown car-sized species of early amphibian. The predatory salamander likely feasted on fish and even small dinosaurs.

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World’s largest asteroid impact zone found in Australia


Australian researchers have uncovered what might be the biggest impact asteroid impact zone in the world – at over 400 kilometers (250 miles)! Naturally, the crater isn’t visible today, but geophysicists have found the impact’s scars deep below the surface. Lead researcher Dr Andrew Glikson from the ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology explains: “The two asteroids must each have been over

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Stunning video shows lava in all its might


Even as a geologist, I can’t help myself from looking at lava with an almost childish fascination – it’s something from the depths of the Earth (literally), with the potential to destroy everything and anything in its path, and also to create new landscapes, drastically changing the surface of the Earth. In the short film above, Lance Page managed to capture the sheer force

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Beaked whale reveals Africa’s tectonic secrets

Pictured: James G. Mead excavating the whale specimen in the "Open Pit Turtle Mine”, Williams’ Flat Loperot, Kenya, Summer 1964. (Photo : James G. Mead)

Some 17 million years ago, a beaked whale took a wrong turn up an African river, something which ultimately proved to be its demise. But now, geologists studying the whale’s fossils believe the whale’s unfortunate end might shed a new light on early human evolution.

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This giant arthropod was the biggest creature of its time

illustration by Marianne Collins, ArtofFact

Some 480 million years ago the seven-foot-long Aegirocassis benmoulae swam in a shallow sea covering what is today the Sahara desert. This giant arthropod, much larger than arthropods existing today, was likely the biggest creature in the world at the time.

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Chinese Lunar Rover Reveals Secrets from The Dark Side of the Moon

Image via Xinhua.

The Moon’s geologic past was much more interesting and active than previously thought, results from the Chinese lunar rover indicate. The Yutu moon rover found evidence of at least nine distinct rock layers deep beneath its wheels, something which seems to indicate a more complex setting.

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Spectacular drone footage of the world’s largest cave


Deep inside the Earth, in the gigantic Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam, there lies a completely unique and mostly unknown ecosystem. Using a GoPro-carrying drone, Beijing-based traveler Ryan Deboodt  provides a unique insight into this cave, showing a pristine, forgotten world. The cave was only discovered in 1991, but even then, scientists had to wait until 2009 to properly explore it. They

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First samples collected from under Antarctica’s blood falls

Interior view of the melting probe IceMole1

If you’ve ever visited the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica, then you’ve likely had a surprise. The cold, frigid white background cut by snowless valleys is marked by the Onyx river, the continent’s longest and largest river, which ends with a five-storey-tall waterfall that spills bright blood-red water over an enormous glacier.

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Underwater Volcano Eruption Creates New Island in the Pacific Ocean


An eruption from an underwater volcano in the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ caused a 1-km wide island to form.